Blog Section About Startup Culture


Blog Section About Startup Culture
Office Culture - MyStartupLand

How Office Culture Is Strangling Your Tech Startup

The tech startup industry is booming; with more and more startups being created daily by wannabe entrepreneurs and unicorn creators, the need for having...
Digital Nomads - MyStartupLand

Digital Nomads & The Remote Work Revolution (Infographic)

It doesn't really matter how much you like your job, everyone, at least once in their working life, has wondered why they need to...
marketing automation - MyStartupLand.

Startup without VCs. Is it possible? – INTERVIEW

The Hungarian startup ecosystem has been developing intensively in the past few years. Many successful startups started here, like Prezi, Ustream or LogMeln. All these companies have...
Startup facts - MyStartupLand

27 Striking Facts Most People Don’t Know About Startups – INFOGRAPHIC

The world's economy has always been dependent on startups and innovative business ideas, but what does the current landscape look like and who are...
Female Founders - MyStartupLand

3 Actual Problems for Female Founders

Let me preface everything by saying I used to be very much in the same mindset that most men and many women are still...
Startup Navigation - MyStartupLand

Sinking Your Startup In 7 Easy Steps

I am a geek (or developer if you like) with entrepreneurial drive. I founded 3 startups, one of them which went through an international accelerator. This  experience...
startup dream - MyStartupLand

How I Failed My Startup Dream!

"It's time to pack, we need to go" Sadly looking at each other, my co-founder and I tidied up our desks and left the co-working...
Startup Uncertainty - MyStartupLand

Embracing Uncertainty In Startups

I sometimes get asked what is the best way to approach certain situations when starting a startup. A few days ago, I was talking with...
Startup culture - MyStartupLand

Why Your Startup Culture Matters

In a world of startups, serial entrepreneurs and crazy funding rounds, startup culture is just another buzzword, as much as disruption and innovation. It has...
Find the right co-founder

Startup Entrepreneurs: Avoid these 7 common mistakes

It is quite common to read how startup entrepreneurs fall in easy to avoid mistakes, but why is that so? Is there really a...
Rooftops and Lights,

Making The Jump to entrepreneurship!

How I learnt about what it means to be entrepreneur and the consequences of leaving a stable job.   I have always had this irrational need...




4 habits to excel at leading Multicultural Teams - MyStartupLand

4 Habits To Excel At Leading Multicultural Teams

One of the most valuable opportunities a global company provides its employees is working within an international environment. Understanding how different cultures think, interact...

How To Get The Best Marketing ROI On A Limited Budget

No matter how big or small your business is, there are challenges when it comes to promoting and marketing your brand. KissMetrics noted from a...

5 Offline Marketing Mistakes Your Business Could Be Making

Marketing is the lifeblood of your business. It is the fuel that gives rise to business growth. It is the vehicle that puts your...
Control Stress Factors In Startups - MyStartupLand

How To Control Stress Factors At Your Startup In 2017

Work is one of the primary causes of stress in most people, and stress levels can be particularly high in startups. This may be...