Blog Section About How To Grow Your Startup


Blog Section About How To Grow Your Startup

How To Get The Best Marketing ROI On A Limited Budget

No matter how big or small your business is, there are challenges when it comes to promoting and marketing your brand. KissMetrics noted from a...
First Good Impression

How To Create A Good First Impression From Your Marketing

To propel your business forward, you need to market and promote your business to your customers. This means understanding who your customers are, where they...

5 Offline Marketing Mistakes Your Business Could Be Making

Marketing is the lifeblood of your business. It is the fuel that gives rise to business growth. It is the vehicle that puts your...
4 Insider Tips On The Perfect Name For Your Startup - MyStartupLand

4 Insider Tips On The Perfect Name For Your Startup

Your business plan is written. Funding is lined up. And your leadership has been chosen. There’s only one thing missing - the perfect name...
Unicorn startup simulator - MyStartupLand

The Billion Dollar Club: Build A Unicorn Or Fail Trying

Do you want to join the "Billion Dollar Club"? Do you think you can really build a successful startup and get it valued at...
Ultimate Investor Blogs List- MyStartupLand

The Ultimate Investor Blogs List To Follow Today

The ultimate investor blogs list to follow is a collection of top VCs and angel investors blogs every startup founder should read. As a startup...
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8 Aspects That Make You A Real Entrepreneur

"I am an entrepreneur" ... "I am a co-founder" ... "I have a startup"... I loved to say these words. I loved to secretely and modestly brag...
Value Proposition - MyStartupLand

Create An Amazing Value Proposition

Sales, marketing, pitching, creating power points – This is the skill you need to elevate I had the exciting opportunity to build up global companies...
marketing automation - MyStartupLand.

Startup without VCs. Is it possible? – INTERVIEW

The Hungarian startup ecosystem has been developing intensively in the past few years. Many successful startups started here, like Prezi, Ustream or LogMeln. All these companies have...

10 Signs A Startup Is Not For You!

Is a startup what you really need? Here below 10 most important signs that you have to look for in yourself to understand that a startup...
Find The Right Co-founder - MyStartupLand

How to find the right co-founder for your startup

Starting a business is complicated. Challenges pile up as we go ahead in the journey. Perhaps one of the toughest one, especially in the early...

Top Ten Startup Mistakes…That Almost Always Lead to Business Failure

     This article appeared originally on ArticleBase  Author: K. MacKillop Many startup ideas fail to ever be launched and many, many fail within the first year or...
Launching A Startup - MyStartupLand

A Definitive List Of Things To Know Before Launching A Startup

Entrepreneurship is a difficult path, full of tough decisions and doubts. We often think about launching a startup as a dream coming true; the...




Financial Steps Startups - MyStartupLand

6 Financial Steps Startups Need To Take In Consideration Now

Financial decisions matter the most when a company is in its infancy. Every little thing that the new company does – advertising, production, even...
D&O Insurance - MyStartupLand

D&O Insurance for Startup Founders: What You Need to Know

Does my startup need D&O insurance? If you aren’t asking that question, you probably should be. D&O insurance—with the “D&O” standing for “Directors and Officers”—is...

What Marketing Channel Is The Most Effective For Startups

Launching a startup is just one small step towards success. However, having a great product alone won't help bring in clients. Marketing a bad...
How To (Successfully) Manage Millennials - MyStartupLand

How To (Successfully) Manage Millennials

Developing and implementing the right skill-set to lead a team with different personalities across several ups and downs is a complicated task. Today it...