Blog Section About Sales Activities In Startups


Blog Section About Sales Activities In Startups
Sales Call - MyStartupLand

Maximise Your Sales Calls Results – The Introduction

Getting that sign on a contract that seals the sale is a long and challenging process. Startup founders often forget the importance of sales...
The Art Of Closing - MyStartupLand

Sales And The Art Of Closing

Closing in sales is THE most important (and probably the only) thing that really matters if we have a startup or a sales team that...
Sales Negotiation - MyStartupLand

The Basics Of Sales Negotiation

Sales Negotiation is at the basis of every successful sales situation. You can negotiate pretty much everything in life. It doesn't necessarily have to be...
Sales Misconceptions - MyStartupLand

6 Common Misconceptions About Sales

I have been doing sales for the most part of my life. I started "selling" when I was a kid, exchanging football cards with...
Free CRM alternatives - MyStartupLand

The Ultimate List Of FREE CRM Alternatives To SalesForce

Sales is all about lead generation and the ability to manage these leads through the sales funnel, i.e. your pipeline. To properly manage leads and make sure...
5 Must-Understand Sales Activities - MyStartupLand

5 Must-Understand Sales Activities

Sales is probably the most hated activity among startups. A lot of misconceptions go around this practice and that's why we decided to put together 5...




Financial Steps Startups - MyStartupLand

6 Financial Steps Startups Need To Take In Consideration Now

Financial decisions matter the most when a company is in its infancy. Every little thing that the new company does – advertising, production, even...
D&O Insurance - MyStartupLand

D&O Insurance for Startup Founders: What You Need to Know

Does my startup need D&O insurance? If you aren’t asking that question, you probably should be. D&O insurance—with the “D&O” standing for “Directors and Officers”—is...

What Marketing Channel Is The Most Effective For Startups

Launching a startup is just one small step towards success. However, having a great product alone won't help bring in clients. Marketing a bad...
How To (Successfully) Manage Millennials - MyStartupLand

How To (Successfully) Manage Millennials

Developing and implementing the right skill-set to lead a team with different personalities across several ups and downs is a complicated task. Today it...