Blog Section About Sales Activities In Startups


Blog Section About Sales Activities In Startups
Sales Call - MyStartupLand

Maximise Your Sales Calls Results – The Introduction

Getting that sign on a contract that seals the sale is a long and challenging process. Startup founders often forget the importance of sales...
The Art Of Closing - MyStartupLand

Sales And The Art Of Closing

Closing in sales is THE most important (and probably the only) thing that really matters if we have a startup or a sales team that...
Sales Negotiation - MyStartupLand

The Basics Of Sales Negotiation

Negotiation is at the basis of every successful sales situation. You can negotiate pretty much everything in life. There are some exceptions, of course. However,...
Sales Misconceptions - MyStartupLand

6 Common Misconceptions About Sales

I have been doing sales for most part of my life. I started "selling" when I was a kid, exchanging football cards with friends...

The ultimate list of FREE CRM alternatives to SalesForce

  Sales is all about lead generation and the ability to manage these leads through the sales funnel, i.e. your pipeline. To properly manage leads and make sure...
Salesman - MyStartupLand

5 Must-Understand Sales Activities

Sales is probably the most hated activity among startups. You have built a product and now you need to find customers (paying ones as well). Founders, usually...




4 habits to excel at leading Multicultural Teams - MyStartupLand

4 Habits To Excel At Leading Multicultural Teams

One of the most valuable opportunities a global company provides its employees is working within an international environment. Understanding how different cultures think, interact...

How To Get The Best Marketing ROI On A Limited Budget

No matter how big or small your business is, there are challenges when it comes to promoting and marketing your brand. KissMetrics noted from a...

5 Offline Marketing Mistakes Your Business Could Be Making

Marketing is the lifeblood of your business. It is the fuel that gives rise to business growth. It is the vehicle that puts your...
Control Stress Factors In Startups - MyStartupLand

How To Control Stress Factors At Your Startup In 2017

Work is one of the primary causes of stress in most people, and stress levels can be particularly high in startups. This may be...