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How I learnt about what it means to be entrepreneur and the consequences of leaving a stable job.


I have always had this irrational need to try something new. I get bored easily and also easily distracted by new things. I have deep interest for and like to learn new things. If I don’t learn, I feel like I am dying.

I thought that work would bring me to a new dimension. In the end, I knew what I liked the most. Unfortunately, so it wasn’t. The learning is slow, the creativity part is not as it should be, and environment sometimes is not stimulating enough.

My answer to that is always been “when and if I get bored, I will change“. After few changes though, I was still faced by the same feeling,dissatisfaction. However, slowly, a new idea formed in my mind. Starting my business, I thought, would save me by the tedious every-day routine.

Rooftops and Lights,
Image Flikr – Right andrew c mace

But how could I make the jump?

Changing job is easy, at least it has always been like this for me. I never feared changes or had problem getting along with new people. However, starting a business, or being an entrepreneur for that matter, was a whole new topic. So, I started reading. I read so many articles from accredited sources, so many books, that I thought I had everything clear in my mind when I did the jump.

What I had clear, however, was the idea of making the jump, not the jump itself.

So, what’s this jump then? Personally, I see the jump of being an entrepreneur, a process that does not land a person on the ground once you make the decision (although it can look like that). The jump lasts all the way through your “career” as an entrepreneur. You never land until you decide to do something else or quit.

As a matter of fact, I would put it this way. Making the jump is important; however, not complicated in today’s economy. We are continuously stimulated to do what we like, to change what we don’t like and live the life now and not tomorrow. The whole process of jumping is the best one. It is intense, stressful, full of emotions, exciting and it forms you as a person like nothing else will in your life. The “landing” is probably, however, the crucial part in the whole process. It’s difficult to know how you will land and perhaps not knowing it from the beginning makes it even better. Nevertheless, most of those who jump won’t land straight with both feet. Some will fall, some will stagger, and very few will keep walking proudly.

Making the jump is not easy though. The feeling of uncertainty and the whole obscure future in front of you makes it perhaps 100x more difficult than one could think. That’s why, before jumping I read a lot. I was scared and doubtful, will I be successful? will I “make it”? will I end up broken with nothing in my hands? I didn’t know and I read, because reading about it actually made me feel safer.

The internet is plenty of articles and advices for newbies and most importantly there is always an expert in something ready to tell you what to do.

What successful entrepreneurs do before breakfast“, i.e. take note, are you doing the same?

How I started my company in 7 days!“, i.e. is it taking longer than that to come up with a successful idea and turn it into a company?

How I attracted 10000 leads without spending a ding on marketing.“, i.e. are you spending too much money? are you “hacking” your company growth?

156 inspirational quotes from successful entrepreneurs that will motivate when in doubts“, i.e. don’t be depressed, read and everything will pass.

There’s plenty of material online about this topic; however reading won’t make the difference. Reading helped me getting more secure, having somehow a more clear structure in mind when I jumped. I perhaps fooled myself in believing that if I would read more, I would find a way to succeed. However, what I thought I knew before the jump, disappeared immediately once my feet were in the air.

Nobody can tell you what to do. Nowhere you will find secret recipes for success. You do not have to follow somebody else’s advice, unless you don’t feel it yours.

This is your journey. This is your jump. You can’t just copy what others did. Make it last as much as you can. Live it to the fullest and never regret any choice you might make during the jump.

The way we land might be important for sure, but how we jump makes the jump unforgettable.

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