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Startup founders live a busy life. Meetings after meetings, flights after flights. It can get messy at time, considering the amount of work they face on a daily basis. Especially for first-time entrepreneurs, the startup life can be very challenging. 24/7 thinking about their business, with tons of ideas and challenges to tackle. Sometimes sleeping, lack of exercise or, even worse, stress can become major issues. For these reasons, we decided to take a look at 10 must-have apps for startup founders, with the hope to help startup founders be more productive and efficient.

Communication Must-Have Apps For Startup Founders

Communication is key in any type of professional environment. For startup founders, however, this is crucial to success. Communicating with teams, investors or simply the outside world in an organized (and non-expensive) way becomes very important, especially in early-stage startups.


This is a must-have app and has replaced in many instances emails or its direct rival, Skype. It allows increasing internal communication efficiently and is available on both desktop and mobile. On top of being very useful for internal communication, Slack is awesome also for external networking. There are over 1000 groups you can join for free or for a fee. Depending on how much you want to be involved also when you are “offline”, the mobile app can be a great way not to lose contact with anyone.


Zoom has managed to become the point of reference when it comes to video conferences in many businesses. Based on our experience, it is way more stable in terms of connection and quality than Skype. If you are doing a product demonstration, you can also record the video session to keep it for future reference. Lastly, if you are willing to pay an extra, there are possibilities to have group video calls (note that without a subscription, there’s a limit in the time you can have group video conference calls). There is a desktop as well as a mobile version.

Productivity Must-Have Apps For Startup Founders

Being the leader of a company is not an easy task and sometimes can be overwhelming when it comes to the amount of work and tasks one needs to take care of. Being productive (and efficient), it’s crucial to make sure startup founders don’t drown in a sea of requests.

Remember The Milk

This is a smart-to-do app for busy people. Although there are quite a few apps in this space, this app helps startup founders and busy professionals categorize, prioritize and schedule tasks and get reminders pretty much to any device connected with the account. The app is available on desktop, smartphone and also iWatch.

Edo Agenda

This is another intuitive digital agenda, available on both desktop and mobile. With its great design, the app allows startup founders (but also freelancers) to free up space during the day and focus on what matters the most.

News Must-Have Apps For Startup Founders

For startup founders, it’s very important to be up-to-date with everything happening around them. Nowadays, however, we are overwhelmed with information and it is easy to miss out on important news.


This is, without any doubt, the app for busy people. We get information from Twitter, Facebook, and other news apps. We see something interesting, but we don’t have time to read it at that moment. Pocket helps busy people “save it for later” across multiple devices. The app is great also for collecting interesting articles found over the Internet.


This app is quite interesting to discover a different type of news, let’s say. It creates a personalized feed based on what your friends and friends of friends are reading. If your network is interesting and shares relevant article, you might discover things you wouldn’t otherwise. In the opposite case, you might want to reconsider your network.

Meditation & Sports Must-Have Apps For Startup Founders

Busy times call for stress and lack of exercise. Startup founders and business professionals live busy and stressful lives. So much that sometimes it is difficult to just take a break and clear the mind from the daily stuff.


This meditation app helps everyone with a busy life take a few minutes per day to disconnect from the work and reconnect with the inner-self. The great thing about the app is that it teaches you how to meditate, which has long-term effects on your physical and mental wellbeing.

7 Minutes Workout

Doing sports is one of those things that not everyone is good at (regardless of whether you are a startup founder or not). You are either extremely committed and constant or you will miserably fail. This app takes into consideration the fact that most business professionals live a busy life and don’t always have time to go to the gym. It has been developed thinking about the “High-Intensity Circuit Training” (HICT). 12 exercises, 30 seconds for each exercise, 10 seconds break. Who doesn’t have 7 minutes free per day?

Miscellaneous Must-Have Apps For Startup Founders

The last two apps that we want to take in consideration don’t really fit any specific category, but we think are still important for people with limited amount of time and loads of tasks to do on a daily basis.


With less time available, startup founders have also less time to relax and read. Audible offers the possibility to listen to audiobooks on the go. It is a great option for busy professionals and entrepreneurs to have access to interesting content even if they cannot stop to read paper books.


This is both a desktop and mobile app. It is extremely useful to connect all different social accounts (personal and business) and manage contacts as well as content sharing. In the app, startup founders can select topics of interest and get a personalised view of the most relevant news. The great thing is that you can then share the content you want directly on your social media accounts.


Startup founders don’t have an easy life There are so many things to control and be on top of that a need for help is required. These 10 must-have apps summarise what we think can bring the best to the hectic entrepreneurial life.


Do you have any other app that you would like to suggest? Tell us more in the comment section below.

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