Cloud Computing for business

Without the ability to access cloud-based information and applications, many of the attributes of web surfing simply would not be possible. Cloud computing today allows companies to store and access information and applications from remote servers that are not in the physical business premises. Modern cloud servers offer many benefits, and this article will explain three of the key benefits that businesses have from fully utilizing cloud computing services.

Increased security

In 2022, cloud computing is a “must-have” for any successful business. The roots of cloud computing stretch back as far as the 1960’s, with the development of the ARPANET by J C R Licklider, which was a predecessor to the internet as it is known today. With it, it bought increased security. 

It may seem counterintuitive to state that cloud-based computing offers increased security for your business, but this is held to be an absolute fact. Many business owners feel that having their data held on company premises must surely offer increased levels of data security, but this simply is not the case for several reasons. Firstly, cloud computing businesses specialize in the secure storage of potentially sensitive information for huge numbers of companies. 

Their reputations would be severely damaged if their cloud storage solutions were found to be flawed from a security point of view. As such, they will monitor all activity on their cloud systems in real-time, with teams of highly skilled web security professionals paying close attention to all data flows. In a business with in-house data storage, the responsibility of data security rests with the IT team, who will have a host of other activities in addition to data management to contend with. As a result, they cannot attempt to provide the same levels of data security that dedicated cloud security teams can. 94% of businesses saw an improvement in security after switching to cloud-based services, which serves to demonstrate the effectiveness of such systems. 

Improved remote working 

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, there has been a dramatic increase in the number of employees working from home on a permanent basis or adopting hybrid models of work with a mix of office and home working. Any employee who has worked remotely will have experienced various tech-related problems when trying to connect to virtual meetings or access company applications from home. Thankfully companies such as offer full cloud computing solutions in the form of the Citrix Cloud application with full desktop functionality. Such advanced cloud applications allow remote working to be far more effective without the associated problems in connectivity that plagued older systems. 

Effective collaboration

Cloud computing and online storage make collaboration within teams far easier to undertake. This is especially true when employees are not in the same team or working in separate locations. By storing project or task data in one place that can be accessed away from the company itself, it allows seamless collaboration to take place without the need for staff to be physically present together. 

Applications such as Trello allow the group completion of projects and tasks by updating progress and storing documents and applications in a single point of online access. Whenever staff log on to such applications, they can instantly see what has been completed and where work is still needed on a project. For modern teams that may not always be in the same location, this type of cloud-based application is a vital tool to the smooth and efficient functioning of project and task management. 

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