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A few decades ago, business communication consisted of meetings in your boss’s office, letters, and trips to your client’s office for a boardroom meeting. Today, thanks to technology, messages are delivered through email, meetings are held on skype, and customer communication is on social media.

To better understand how technology has affected how businesses communicate, let’s consider three major communication shifts. 

1. Building virtual relationships 

Businesses must find ways to listen to, support, and respond to their customer’s needs and queries. Social media is how this happens. When people comment, ask questions and tag your brand, you can use this data to analyze what your clients need and what’s important to them. Your marketing department can then use this data to coin ads that target your audience and answer specific needs, thus increasing sales and revenue while building relationships. 

Also, Maryville University says that your PR and Content department can build personalized relationships between your company and your audience by switching from being promotional to offering value through content. The department must employ excellent interpersonal, analytical, writing, and organizational skills to achieve this. 

2. The use of artificial intelligence 

AI is one of the most notable tech advancements in recent years. Since the introduction of Siri in 2010, AI has grown to a prominent part of how businesses work. Through chatbots, for instance, customers get automated human-like responses to their inquiries. Chatbots also help in website navigation. Perhaps what has made it more notable and famous is its ability to deal with the high volume of customer requests that would have taken ages for the customer service personnel to solve.

Also, AI is used to predict future sales based on current customer preferences. Knowledge of current preferences enables marketing departments to draft promotions that target specific people. For instance, you are likely to see Facebook ads about blogging if you are continually searching for blogging information.

3. Remote communication 

Communication software solutions have made it easy to get in touch with others. So much that it’s impossible to imagine the world without it.  Today, you don’t have to leave your desk to send your boss or customer a message or wait half a day for a fax message to come through. Also, you don’t have to rent an office because the internet has made it possible to hire and work with virtual teams and run a successful business while saving tons of money. 

Paperwork has also been streamlined. Instead of searching the library by hand and spending hours sifting through documents for specific information, you can enter a few keywords on the cloud, and you have exactly what you need in seconds. Whiteboards have been replaced by attractive PowerPoint presentations. These can be shared with the team during the meeting so you don’t waste time taking notes. 

As technology continues to evolve, more advanced technology will replace what seems high-tech today. Before that happens, take full advantage of the tech available today to streamline your communication channels. What’s available today forms the basis of future change.

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