Interactive Retail Store Display

It is in our nature to want what we see and like, which is exactly what a visually compelling display should be able to do well. Interactive displays, on the other hand, take it a step further and engage the target customer directly. Therefore, a retail store display that is both compelling and interactive at once manages to attract and engage potential buyers in two naturally synchronous steps. Now that we have discussed the principal idea behind it, let’s get to know what some of the established methods are to make it happen in a retail store.

Visibility of Attractive Products

This idea is simple enough in theory; make what is attractive, easily visible. For example, if a gamer enters a supermarket and immediately sees a “PlayStation 5 Available Now!” board in front, along with the console itself on display, there is a high chance that they will be asking about it, even if they went in there to just get the groceries!

It will happen in this particular scenario because:

  1. The product in question is attractive, as the console’s demand is higher than its general availability.
  2. By placing the attractive display in one of the most visible locations within the store, they have succeeded in creating a truly compelling display.

Adding Interactivity to Appeal

Let us follow up with the same example for the sake of easier explanation and understanding. Interactivity is added to the initial appeal of the display mentioned, when the same gamer sees a play stand deeper into the electronics department, where they can try out the gaming experience for a few minutes. At this point, the potential customer is truly hooked in, as they also have had a small taste of what they already knew they wanted. As long as the store has the console, there is a high chance that they will indeed be making a sale soon. Even if they do not have the particular product in store right away, the customer will be more willing to prebook the item at that juncture.

Guidance from Professional Retail Display Experts

What we just discussed is the concept itself, elaborated with a popular example. However, in a real-life retail store with thousands of products in it, creating several attractive and interactive displays is by no means a job for amateurs. Selling most products will not be as easy as selling something that is already in-demand.

This is where CJ Retail Solutions come in with their vast experience in product arrangement, powered by stat based, tried, and tested display arrangement strategies. They use all the tricks in the book to optimise a retail store and create appealing, interactive displays in ways which would be the most likely to attract and engage the retailer’s target audience.

Retailers need to incorporate the aspects of organisation, order, attraction, visibility, and interactivity with the help of professional, retail display arrangement strategies. Never think that what works for a supermarket will also work for a bookshop, and vice versa. Also, there are several additional aspects to consider, such as the available space, the product’s genre, the surroundings, and so much more. 

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