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Shipping containers are commonly used in the shipping and manufacturing industry as a means of storage and transportation. In recent years, their size and sturdiness have seen them repurposed for a number of different operations within a number of different industries and sectors. From restaurants and bars to homes and schools, the possibilities are endless. Continue reading to find out the many different ways in which shipping containers have been recycled and reclaimed.


The recent surge of pop-up restaurants and street food has called for an increase in portable venues. Shipping containers have proven to be a viable option. Investing in a brick and mortar shopfront can be a risky move for a small or new business. Rent and start-up costs have also made opening a new restaurant somewhat impossible for young aspiring chefs in recent years. Whether you are looking for a permanent unit or something you can cart around, a shipping container may be a cost-effective, flexible solution for your new restaurant business. A shipping container from an industry-leading company with decades worth of experience, such as Jennings Containers, will be able to source a unit fit for the needs and requirements of your small business.


Due to an increase in rental prices and a high demand for properties, more and more first-time buyers are deciding to build their first home out of a disused shipping container. There are a number of factors you must consider before you embark on the process of constructing your next home out of steel. Depending on who is planning to move in, you need to decide how large you want your new home to be. A 10ft container hire may provide up to 100 square feet of space for you and your family. Larger containers or containers stacked on top of each other can also create the illusion of a multi-story home.


As well as homes, hotels constructed from abandoned shipping containers have been gaining popularity in recent years. The perfect weekend getaway for adventurous types or just those looking for something a little different, they are often fixed in one permanent location. Some hotels also include a number of facilities housed within the steel development such as restaurants, bars, and even pools. 


growing trend in city centres and urban areas, store owners are choosing to house their storefront from the inside of a shipping container. They are commonly used for pop-up shops but have also been installed for larger retail properties in an attempt to make the move to a more sustainable future. Several cities, such as London and Dubai, have also harnessed the endless capabilities of shipping containers by using them in the construction of large retail parks. Each temporary unit can be rented by a different wave of vendors each month to ensure businesses are exposed to a new demographic and visitors get the opportunity to sample a wide range of new products and delicacies.  

Recycling and repurposing is a great way to reduce waste and extend the life of materials once destined for the scrapyard. Shipping containers have provided countless industries and sectors with the opportunity to rebrand and reinvent themselves. As the trend continues to grow, it is clear the creativity of humankind knows no bounds.

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