When you think about the e-commerce business, what comes to mind? A well-designed website filled with a variety of products waiting to be sold, right? But what if I told you that the e-commerce business is more than that.

Running an e-commerce business isn’t only limited to setting up a digital store and figuring out the ideal marketing strategy to promote your products. It includes several other significant components like infrastructure, secured payment gateway, and, most importantly, supply chain management.

The supply chain of your e-commerce business is key to its ability to compete with fierce rivals. Aside from that, it is also important in maintaining a working relationship with customers. Below I have highlighted 4 surefire ways to boost your e-commerce supply chain. But, before we delve into that, what is a supply chain?

What is a supply chain?

A supply chain is the players, resources, or processes involved in moving a product from the manufacturer to the warehouse, down to the retailer, then the distributor, and finally, to the customer.

Today, many e-commerce companies prioritize their supply chain, thanks to the important role it plays in getting their products to their customers. They look for ways to streamline their supply chain by adopting effective strategies designed to raise customer value and achieve sustainable advantage.

Don’t know how to boost your e-commerce supply chain? Here are a few options.

1. Evaluate your supply chain processes

Look at the big picture of your supply chain processes and conduct a thorough process review to detect supply chain issues, obstructions and challenges that may hinder productivity.

Next, consider adopting a more effective strategy to overcome the challenges, fix the pesky issues, and clear out the bottlenecks. You can leverage technologies or consider hiring more employees to ensure that your supply chain operates smoothly without any obstruction or delay.

2. Cut shipping times and costs

Popular e-commerce giants, Amazon, have raised the bar, and they raised it pretty high. According to statistics, they can ship products to 72% of the 329.5 million U.S residents in a single day. What does this mean for your small e-commerce business in, say, Dallas? It means one thing: you need to raise your shipping speed. And here is where you may scratch your head.

How do you boost shipping speed without hiking your costs? One of the best and effective ways to pull that off is by working with a 3PL Dallas Company that is reputable and has a robust relationship with carriers.

3. Enhance internal and external communication

A determined and hardworking e-commerce business owner expects his company to scale up. When this happens, you must scale up your employees and external vendors. That is not all. After increasing your business workforce and vendors, it makes sense to adopt effective communication channels to ensure that everyone is carried along, aiming for the same goal. The results? Reduced downtime, mistakes, and confusion, leading to greater efficiency, faster services and lesser returns.

Furthermore, customer service dept. often face the challenge of trying to determine the location of specific shipments. Introducing a system that gives customers and client’s real-time updates of their shipment status should put staff and clients at ease.

4. Cut-off duplicate tasks and data

If you run an e-commerce business—especially if it’s a startup—the chances are that you’ll fall into the trap of repeating supply chain processes as your business expands. Look at your processes and try to reduce or consolidate duplicate tasks that may take up your time and cost you more money down the road.

If two teams are doing the same tasks, why don’t you assign another task to one of the teams to speed up the supply chain process? Or consider merging both teams to ensure that the task is executed fast.


If your supply chain suffers from hitches, blockages, or any issues that disrupt its flow, your e-commerce business will suffer the consequences. To ensure that this doesn’t happen, It is important you streamline your supply chain to ensure that it remains up and running. 

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