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All businesses, both big and small, have many areas that make up the overall company. A team of employees working in various departments, the financial responsibilities and necessities, public relations, as well as the legal obligations that all businesses are required to follow are just a few of the elements that go into making a company successful. If you’re the head of a business or are in a role that is responsible for the protection of a company, here are five key areas you must keep a close watch over to ensure that the business is protected.

1. Business Documents

Business documents can contain sensitive information about the company, therefore, keeping them secure is vital. There are several ways you can do this, for example, with encryption keys and passwords, or you can upload to a cloud system. Another option is purchasing specialist software that enables you to control your documents as you share them. Virtual deal room software is particularly useful in this way and can help you to manage deals while giving you control over your sensitive information and the company’s intellectual property. 

2. Insurance

Every business is legally required to have insurance, and in order to prevent your company from being shut down or being vulnerable to lawsuits, you must have this in place. There are different types of cover available, which you can discuss with an insurance provider or broker in order to find the best cover for your company. You can add on or take away certain covers as necessary as your business progresses, and you must also make sure your cover is renewed each year.

3. Firewalls

To protect your company networks and data from being hacked or getting viruses, you need to make sure you have top-quality firewalls in place. Protecting both business and customer data is essential, and this topic has been in the spotlight in recent years. To make sure your company and customers are protected, you need to have the best firewalls in place. 

4. Customer Service

Your business’s reputation could also be destroyed if you are not careful. Customer complaints or bad publicity will affect how your business operates, which is why taking care of your customers and how your business is presented to the public is important. Customer relationship management (CRM) software can help you to identify areas of your customer service that can be improved, and help you to implement a strategy to achieve this. 

5. Accountants

If you run a larger company, then you may already have accountants, but if you’re a smaller business or start-up you might not have this in place yet. Although accountants are an additional expense, it will be worth the cost, especially if you’re not experienced in doing business accounts. They will be able to help you manage your finances and ensure that your tax returns are done properly and on time, which is vital if you want to avoid fines, or worse.

There are many other areas that you also need to manage effectively in order to protect your business, but the five areas above are all good places to start.

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