macOS Big Sur

If you are a Mac user, you probably have heard the buzz around the new macOS Big Sur. It is not surprising to see why everyone is excited to have the new OS up and running with some mouthwatering features inculcated to the upgrade. The new operating system introduces some new enhancements and ushers in the next generation of Mac-Big Sur.  Well, it is the first version to run on both Intel processors and Apple Silicon. Are you excited to learn what’s in store in the new OS? In this article, we cover some features that make the new OS feel new and streamlined. 

An all-new design 

The new design is inarguably the biggest design upgrade since the introduction of Mac OS X. The OS comes with a lighter and more spacious window experience making it cleaner and easier to work with. The menu bar has been redesigned to be taller and more translucent, allowing the picture to extend from age to age. Reading has been made easier with larger pull-down menus offering more space between lines. Still, on matters design, the color pallets, icons, buttons, and toolbars have also been spruced up to create a modern look. These features give you that iPad like experience on your desktop. 

Improved Safari 

Now to the designated browser that plays a major role in your life as a Mac user. Think of Safari as a young kid that has transitioned to a fully grown adult – and a very determined one, for that matter. The recent update comes with a customizable start page, improved power efficiency, and increased privacy controls. For instance, with the new Safari, you can see how websites use your data and control them. Cool right? That’s not all; it features an inbuilt transition, smart password monitoring, tab previews, etc. 

You can upgrade to the OS if you have been having issues with Safari and other performance problems in your current OS version. If you are still running into issues after upgrading, then here is a nice guide how to speed it up and enjoy a seamless experience. Try to understand the root of the problem first to find out why your Safari is slow, unresponsive, crashing, etc. You can also talk to a Mac expert if the issue persists. 

The control center for excellent control

How about bossing it up and taking control of your activities with the Big Sur. The new OS has a new control center accessible from the menu bar and is a click away to your useful mac functions. You can now take your favorite menu bar tools into one handy spot on your desktop; use it for quick access to favorite pins like WIFI, Bluetooth, Airdrop, or Dark mode. Concerned about cluttering your desktop with all your favorite pins? Don’t worry. The control center has a show more feature that lets you expand the menu. 

The notification center

Another great feature of the Big Sur is the notification center. The redesigned widgets have changed how notification works. With the new macOS Big Sur revamp, all your notifications and widgets are put into a single dedicated column and automatically sorted by the most recent. What’s more, with a simple click and hold, you can reply to an email or expand your calendar invitation without opening the apps. I am sure you would love that. 

Better messaging 

Memojis lovers will enjoy the updates on the messaging app. It has all the features of iOS and much more. Just like iOS devices, you can pin conversations, enjoy inline replies and mentions, create and share emoji stickers using the updated photo picker, etc. The new enhancements allow you to share all your expressive messages and pin important conversations for quick access. And, yes, the powerful search bar just makes everything easier

Final thoughts

From our quick discussion, it’s quite evident that Big Sur deserves all the hype it is receiving. You can check out all other cool features by downloading the macOS Big Sur beta through the Apple Developer Centre. Once you have installed the appropriate profile, you can look out for subsequent betas which will be available through the Software Update mechanism in System Preferences.

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