Marketing is the lifeblood of your business. It is the fuel that gives rise to business growth. It is the vehicle that puts your brand in front of your customers.

Without it, your business will grind to a halt. And yet, essential promotional activities are sometimes left to fate and good luck, rather than being managed and planned.

The online world has opened new opportunities and pitfalls for businesses. The power and influence of the digital world are such that many businesses assume that offline marketing – the printed marketing tools – are no longer of any use.

But, as Colour Graphics know, ignoring offline marketing can mean cutting off vital communication channels with your customers. Here we highlight the 5 most common offline marketing mistakes startups do. 

#1 Assuming Offline Marketing is Dead

Really?! Why would you think that?

The digital revolution has brought about massive changes in more or less every facet of life. It is now possible to connect with your customers, engage them with your product and brand. Social Selling has never been more powerful.

And that meant businesses assumed that offline marketing, the adverts, the leaflets and so on, were dead in the water.

The amount companies spend on offline marketing may be smaller than it was many years ago but big brands are still harnessing the power of offline marketing. If you are not, you are missing the chance to reach customers.

#2 Not Connecting Offline Marketing with Your Online Marketing

There is also a school of thought that is ‘one or the other‘ – you either spend on online marketing channels or stick with your favored offline marketing tools.

Breaking news – you CAN do both!

In fact, offline marketing can be used to connect your customers and fans with your website or social media channels.

By including your business website on your business card, you are connecting online and offline personas. By using QR codes, you are connecting online with offline and vice versa.

#3 Not Investing in Professional Design and Print

Yes, we know, there are some fantastic online design software pieces of kit, photo editing suites, and all kinds. And they can make an amateur looking poster or postcard look a little more appealing.

But, graphic designers study their art and their trade for a long time for a reason – it may look effortless and flawless, but to get a poster campaign or any offline marketing tool to look fantastic takes skill, experience and a heavy dose of creativity.

Frankly, for any offline marketing campaign to be successful, it needs professional design and printing to produce the quality your brand deserves.

#4 Not being Consistent with Branding

You have a logo. You have a palette of colors. You have a tone. You may even have a font all of your own.

These branding tools possibly cost you a lot of money, a lot of time and a lot of effort. They are the foundations on which you will go on to build your brand.

So why is it, with offline and online marketing personas for your brand, you are not using them? Some businesses use them so sparingly that you can hardly see them. Other businesses don’t use them at all and if they do, they change the logo to something different!

Your designer will create different versions of your logo but use only small tweaks and changes so that the customer still recognizes it and associates it with your brand.

These logos, the colors, the strapline and the tone of your brand are all important tools in your marketing arsenal – use them!

#5 Not Having a Strategy

Great, you’ve printed 2,500 leaflets and have 5,000 business card sat on the shelf.

Now what?

Leaflets, pamphlets, brochures, business cards and postcards sat on shelves and gathering dust are not selling your business, nor connecting with customers.

We see it all the time: customers ordering fabulously designed and printed paraphernalia but with no real strategy or plan as to how they are going to use it.

For any marketing campaign to be successful, online or offline, there needs to be a strategy that drives it. You need to be confident you know who you are reaching out to, the best way of doing it and how you will measure the success of an offline marketing campaign.

In Summary

Offline marketing is not dead, and neither should it be executed in a vacuum or separate from your online marketing campaigns.

Don’t fall into the trap of assuming your own in-house design efforts are ‘good enough’. Be consistent with branding and have a strategy, complete with review stages, to ensure the best possible chances of success.

Colour Graphics is an online print and design agency who have worked with thousands of customers to create bespoke offline marketing tools. To reap the rewards for a business, experience shows professional design and print is key.

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