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If you are investing money into your marketing, then you are going to want to make sure that it actually works for your business. With digital marketing, this can be relatively easy to do, thanks to the variety of tools and gadgets that are out there to help you. However, the same might not be true for offline marketing. Understanding how to track offline marketing success becomes crucial for any company thinking to implement a wider variety of marketing activities. 

Offline marketing comes in different forms and for the most part, they are a physical approach to marketing as opposed to that on social media or website. So, how do you know that they are definitely working?

Use A Certain URL To See Who Is Visiting Your Website

Chances are, even if you are taking an offline approach to your marketing, it may point to your website in some form. One of the best ways that you can try to ascertain whether or not your offline marketing is having the impact that you want is by using a unique URL which will direct people to your website. You can then check how many visits that URL has had, which will give you an idea of how successful your posters have been.

Create Discount Codes

Another way that you can track the success of offline marketing methods is with discount codes. If you are planning to use a variety of different offline approaches, then you can use unique discount codes to allow you to compare which one has worked best for you. Not only are they easy to put in place, but giving your customers discount codes also means that they are much more likely to want to shop with you.

Ask Your Customers 

This may sound straightforward, but it is an incredibly effective way to track how well your marketing efforts are working. If a customer comes in to visit you in store, calls or perhaps visits your website, then you could ask them to confirm where they heard about you. This is an incredibly common approach and shows you where these customers are coming from.

Use A Unique Email Address

If your offline marketing campaign is asking your customers to email you with their queries, then it might pay to create a unique email address that is going to only relate to that particular campaign. The great thing about this, is whilst it is incredibly effective, it is easy too. Plus setting up an email doesn’t take long and doesn’t cost you that much money either.

Check Out Your Search Volume

One of the simplest ways that you can see if your marketing campaign is working is to take a look at the traffic that you are seeing come into your website. If it increases after you have set up your offline campaign, then there is a good chance that those posters and leaflets are having an effect on how many sales, leads and visitors are checking out what you can do for.

Just like online marketing, offline marketing can be fully tracked to see if it is working.  You might just have to take a slightly different approach to what you would take if you were running it digitally.

Offline marketing comes in a variety of different forms. The chances are that you are going to have to figure out which one is the right approach for you. If you think that posters are going to be the route to take, then take a look at Colour Graphics. As experts in all things graphics, they can help transform your offline marketing methods and ensure that they work perfectly for you and for your business too.

Colour Graphics is an online print and design agency who have worked with thousands of customers to create bespoke offline marketing tools. To reap the rewards for a business, experience shows professional design and print is key.


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