Digital Marketing Trends

Regardless of your level of expertise, one thing you have probably realized is that digital marketing is constantly evolving. With the various strategies and tools used and its different branches, it isn’t exactly a simple area of expertise.

Understandably, making an effort to stay up-to-date can get overwhelming. It requires a huge investment in terms of time. It’s no small feat, but the onus is on you to stay on top of things. Your brand’s success rides on it.

There are currently 4.4 billion users populating the internet, and nowadays, mishaps turn into memes that seem to just go viral overnight. That said, a marketing strategy flop has the real potential to cause damages and setbacks in brand growth, audience acquisition, and overall profit.

It’s a mistake no company can really afford.

What Are Some Key Digital Trends To Keep In Mind?

To help you maintain a competitive edge over the competition, we’ve compiled an infographic about the 7 key digital marketing trends for 2019.

Here below some key facts:

  • SEO still plays a key role in successful digital marketing strategies. In just two decades, search engine use has risen from millions to billions. On Google alone search queries have increased from 3.5 million worldwide to 3.5 billion daily. With new technologies being developed daily, the trend is only upward.
  • Organic search still matters. With voice search seeing increased use and expectations that it will continue to do so, there is greater significance in leveraging sound organic search strategies.
  • The mobile market grows and will continue to do so. From 11.51 exabytes per month in 2017 to nearly double 2018, mobile traffic is projected to reach a monthly consumption of 77.49 exabytes by 2022.
  • Pay-Per-Click marketing remains a smart investment. It currently generates 1.5 as many conversions in comparison with organic search and stands among the top three on-page conversion generators.
  • Facebook still dominates the social media. The platform is home to a staggering 2.27 billion active users. YouTube comes second at 1.9 billion.

These definitely got you thinking, right?

Now that we’ve whet your appetite let’s dive into the main course — the 2019 digital marketing trends infographic courtesy of SERPwatch.

Digital Marketing Trends
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