every startup needs cloud

Cloud computing has been an important part of contemporary computing for some years now, and there are numerous benefits to everybody who uses a computer, whether they’re a huge multinational corporation or the user of a personal laptop. The cloud, however, is particularly useful for startups for several reasons.

1. Flexible Scaling

This is most relevant for tech startups, but if some form of technology is a bottleneck for you, the cloud can help. The cloud enables you to adjust the bandwidth you pay for based on your demand. Whereas before you would need to buy your own server, you can now pay for however much server space you actually use. 

2. Automatic Updates

If you use a cloud-based solution, it will update itself automatically, meaning that your cybersecurity becomes less reliant on human error. If one employee forgets to update a piece of software, your whole business could become compromised and you risk your data, or even your money, being stolen. 

3. Portable Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is so important that most businesses spend lots on their security network, but this is wasted if anybody uses a personal device that’s outside the system. A capsule cloud is a great cloud-based solution for this. It allows employees to work from anywhere and be protected by the same cybersecurity that you use in the office. Capsule clouds vary in price, but checkpointdirect.co.uk lists it as costing about £30 a year for one user. 

4. Recovery in an Emergency

If you fall victim to a cyberattack or simply lose a laptop with vital information on it, the cloud will allow you to quickly and easily recover from disaster. This is a popular backup solution with small businesses especially, as they can save time and avoid large sunk-costs. 

5. Collaboration

Google’s office suite is completely free unless you need lots of storage. It is a great example of how the cloud can facilitate collaboration between your team, regardless of where they are. As long as they have an internet connection, your team can use the cloud to work on documents, presentations and so much more. Even extremely versatile companies such as Adobe have cloud options, so regardless of your project, there is probably a SaaS collaborative solution available to you that is powered by the cloud.

6. Eco-Friendly

When you move to the cloud, you only use what you need. This means that you don’t waste any unnecessary electricity. Even though it might be a small impact, every little help, and it’s a good practice to follow for when your company grows in size. 

7. Enhance Productivity

More and more research is being done on the impact of mental health on productivity, to such an extent that many now advocate for limitless holiday breaks. Using a cloud-based system can help to increase your productivity by allowing your employees to work from anywhere. This means you can give them flexible working perks so they can find and enjoy a work-life balance that suits them better. You’ll find productivity is often not impacted, but they need to already be a driven and motivated employee. 

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