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Think about the ideal customer that you’d like to have. The type of customer that would add value to your startup bottom line. What does that person or company look like? What characteristics do they have? And why is your product or service a great fit for them? All these questions will help you identify the ideal target audience you would want to talk with. Now take that to the real life. Can you find that ideal customer in the real world? How can you reach out to them? What would make your startup close repeated business with them?

What Is Account-Based Marketing?

Account-based marketing is a strategic approach to B2B marketing and sales. Its foundation is based on flipping the traditional sales approach. The organization sees each account or prospect as markets of one, bringing together different business functions to maximize results.

Account-based marketing plays also a key role in expanding the business with existing customers. Increasing account relevance and aligning marketing activities with the sales effort will typically yield higher deal value and a longer-term collaboration.

Most organizations usually fail at keeping their existing accounts up-to-date with new business propositions, missing on opportunities to keep engaging with them and delivering higher profit.

Account-based marketing sees the alignment between sales and marketing as fundamental to success. Technical marketing efforts will support sales activities in identifying the right prospects to talk with. At the same time, sales can help marketing identifying new opportunities and markets.

It’s a different way to think about sales and marketing, but it gives startups and corporates an opportunity to put technology to use in innovative ways. The below infographic provided by Salesforce explains more in details how this works and the benefit of it.

Account-Based Marketing: Extreme Personalization Techniques for Sales and Marketing

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  1. This article is super informative. Thanks for sharing. I wonder how many companies implement ABM in their day-to-day activities.

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