Previously, there were three main types of customer care that customers could use if they were not physically in a store. These methods were by post, email, or telephone.

As technology develops, people are now expecting brands to provide them with a lot more than this when it comes to customer care. The majority of the time they expect a response almost instantly.

The Evolution Of Customer Care With Social Media

In response to this, companies have introduced a couple of new ways to get in touch with them. Live chat is proving to be very popular but equally is social media customer care. After building your website, you can use live chat on your domain, or through social media channels such as Facebook. Alternatively, you are able to directly message brands or comment on their posts.

This provides a much more instantaneous response. It could also be the difference between making a sale or the customer going elsewhere. For example, if a customer is having trouble at the checkout, unless she can get a response immediately, she is likely to leave.

The great thing about using social media is that it doesn’t have to be initiated by the customer. Brands can reach out to the customer if they are a talking about the brand or their products.


Social Media Customer Care - MyStartupLand

There are tools (like Mention) that businesses are able to utilise to help them find anyone who is talking about them. In this way, they don’t miss out on any opportunities for interaction and relationship building. If you are new to the social media customer care scene, as many brands currently are, it is worth conducting a little research so that you are providing the very best service that you can.


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  1. It’s amazing to see how there’s a disconnect between what we, users, want and brands provide. I complain online and want a quick response, but brands take too long to address the issue. When will they wake up?!

  2. I would have never said that most brands get more than 80% of their complaints via Twitter! Thanks for sharing this!

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