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Startup founders or new business owners face daily many challenges. Funding a new business, identifying the proper market niche, targeting the right audience and constantly improve positioning in the marketplace, are just some of them.

Even though business ideas are what counts when it comes to establishing a business, being able for the “new kid in the block” to distinguish itself in the market is not an easy task. Competition is fierce. Users are bombarded by different messages. High-quality products or services are not enough today to distinguish yourself.

Understanding how to effectively present your business to consumer becomes crucial for market differentiation and success.

How Can Brand Identity Help You? 

The definition of brand identity is:

“The outward expression of a brand – including its name, trademark, communications, and visual appearance”


If brand identity is done correctly, people will be more aware of the existence of your product and recognize your brand’s name. A strong brand identity indicates that all your products and services are made thinking of your company’s values. This process has a direct effect on customers loyalty.

Well designed brand identity elements can effectively communicate messages to the target audience. Choosing the ingenious logo, business card stickers or packaging design for your products plays an important role in establishing powerful brand identity.

What Are The Key Elements To Establish A Good Brand Identity? 

The below infographic takes a look at what every startup founder and business owner should take into consideration when thinking about establishing a brand identity.


Creating Brand Identity for Small Business

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