If you are an entrepreneur, you probably know the feeling of living on the edge. The workload is endless, deadlines are pressing, and stress runs high. Managing money is much like walking a tightrope. However, passionate entrepreneurs get through and succeed, no matter how challenging things get. But you may have pressing concerns when planning a global venture because immigration costs can be hard on your shoestring budgets.

Thankfully, the Italian investor visa offers an easy way in for startup enthusiasts. According to the team of Investor Visa for Italy LLC, it is the best way to get in if you do not qualify through other routes like descent, marriage, and naturalization. Let us explain why it is also affordable for startups despite their tight finances. 

You can choose a funding alternative that works 

Since most startups run on shoestring budgets, spending millions on immigration is out of the question. You may even give up on your global vision and settle for a local one. But the Italian investor visa lets you in on a smaller budget as you have multiple funding alternatives. It is easy to fit into your shoestring budget by choosing the minimum requirement of €250,000 instead of picking others that run in millions. There couldn’t be a better way to realize your dream.

You need not bring the money until the end

Another reason to trust this immigration route is that your funds are secure, as you need not bring them until the end. You can close the process with only proof of funds in the form of a bank statement. It is enough to obtain the certificate of no impediment (nulla osta) and apply for the investor visa. The funds should come only after you enter Italy and get your residence permit. You still have three months to deposit the money.

You may bring along your family without spending more

Moving overseas to start a business is a life-changing decision, and you will not want to leave your loved ones. Taking them along sounds equally daunting, specifically when you rely on the investor visa route. But you need not stress about it with the Italian investor visa because it lets you bring along your family without spending more. The only condition is to provide proof of income as the capacity to support them. 

You can expand globally on a budget

The Italian investor visa does more than give you the opportunity to start a venture in Italy. It also opens the possibility of expanding globally on a budget with visa-free travel to the EU region. The residence permit of the country empowers you with the right, so you can research markets and tap the favorable ones without worrying about travel restrictions and visa hassles. You eventually get Italian citizenship after completing a decade in the country, so staying for good is not a concern.

You need not worry about the money part of the Italian investor visa even as a startup entrepreneur. It is absolutely affordable and yields immense benefits, including the opportunity to expand overseas and obtain one of the best passports.  Moreover, your loved ones are a part of the journey without spending anything more.

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