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Web Design Trends - MyStartupLand

[INFOGRAPHIC] Web Design Trends In 2019

It’s difficult to keep up with the trends in today’s ever-changing digital world. If you want the best for your company, however,...
Advantages Of Business Partners - MyStartupLand

What Makes Business Partners Crucial For Success?

Sole traders, solopreneurs or sole proprietors - whatever you like to call them, a business person who is running their operation alone...
Building Relationships With Prospects - MyStartupLand

6 Ways To Start Building Relationships With Prospects

Trust has always been the basis of building relationships with prospects. If you are not able to win prospects' trust then you...
WordPress Instagram Themes

The Best WordPress Instagram Themes To Boost Brand Visibility

Instagram is undoubtedly the most popular visual networking platform. It is famous for its application based design and the look. According to...
Employees Happy And Productive

How To Keep Your Employees Happy And Productive

Having a happy workforce automatically guarantees they will be productive, too. After all, it’s much easier to get work done when you...
Following Up With Prospects - MyStartupLand

Why Following Up With Prospects Will Help You Win More Business

Small businesses tend to be a little resistant when it comes to following up with prospects. Many business owners are afraid to...

Top 5 Marketing Automation Tools To Convert Online Visitors Into Prospects

Marketing automation is at the basis of creating a successful B2B company. When growing, organizations need to automate marketing activities to unite...
Transportation Startups - MyStartupLand

[INFOGRAPHIC] What Startups Can Learn From Transportation Disruptors

The transportation industry is one of the biggest that has been flipped upside-down by startups. From rideshare services like Uber and Lyft...
Local SEO - MyStartupLand

[INFOGRAPHIC] 15 Reasons Why Local SEO Matters

Engaging with local customers is always one of the top questions of many business owners. Often times, you’ll host events at your...
Hire Your First Employee

[INFOGRAPHIC] Is It Time To Hire Your First Employee?

Running a startup, you’re likely used to working long hours and putting in extra work throughout the week. With so much on...
Ways To Increase Website Traffic Today For Free

15 Ways To Increase Website Traffic Today For Free

In a digital world with 152 million blogs, questioning the value of investing resources and time in building yet another one is...
Lead Nurturing Strategy

The Ultimate Guide To A Successful Lead Nurturing Strategy

With more companies adopting inbound marketing as a strategy to effectively increase sales, lead nurturing becomes a must-do activity for every marketer....
Brand Story-Telling

6 Ways To Use IGTV For Great Brand Story-Telling

The Instagram Television (IGTV) that launched on June 20 2018 has been an object of curiosity and experiment among users. There’s a...

Inexpensive Marketing Ideas that Can Help You Outrank Your Competition

It is well known that marketing is a key factor for every business, be it big or small. However, it’s easy to...
Startup Blog - MyStartupLand

Should Founders Invest In A Startup Blog?

This is a recurring question among startup founders. Especially early stage startups struggle around this topic. Is it really worth investing time,...
Argus Venture - MyStartupLand

Founders Interview: Kingsley Tapp – Argus Venture Founder

This is the story of a group of college students who spotted a gap in the market and are trying to fill...
Become A Digital Nomad - MyStartupLand

Practical Steps To Become A Digital Nomad

There is a global movement within the corporate world that has opened to flexible workers to complete tasks and fill skills that...
Email Marketing: Turning Prospects Into Loyal Customers - MyStartupLand

[INFOGRAPHIC] The Most Effective Tactic For Turning Prospects Into Loyal Customers

The most effective tactic for turning prospects into loyal customers is the good and old email marketing. So many marketers still struggle to understand how to make the most out of it and abusing users space and time. This infographic dives into some interesting stats that will help you improve your response and purchase rate.
Barcode Scanning For eCommerce - MyStartupLand

Barcode Scanning: What Can Scanning Do for eCommerce?

eCommerce thrives through the incorporation of new technology in the process of production, storage and shipping. However, barcode scanning seems to defy...
Landing Page Conversion - MyStartupland

5 Things You Should Consider To Maximize Your Landing Page Conversion

Generating leads is the lifeblood for any business. Lead generation, however, can be done in many ways. You can have a development...




Business Name - MyStartupLand

Choose, Claim and Protect Your Business Name

If you think that coming up with a business name is an easy part of setting up a business, think again. If you care...
Facebook Data Hacking - MyStartupLand

What Can The Facebook Data Hacking Crisis Teach Businesses

In mid-March the news of the major Facebook data hacking broke, sending shock waves across the world’s media as new revelations about the extent...
Female Founders - MyStartupLand

3 Actual Problems for Female Founders

Let me preface everything by saying I used to be very much in the same mindset that most men and many women are still...
Future of lead generation - MyStartupLand

[UPDATED] The Future Of Lead Generation: 9 Tools From The Future

Lead Generation has been facing constant transformation. Old processes combined with new technologies have developed into new tools that help daily sales reps and...