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Small Business Trends

8 Emerging Small Business Trends and Predictions for 2021

2021 is becoming a good year for businesses. While the effects of the pandemic are washing down, companies are trying to find a new...

Supermarkets; Electronic Shelf Labels and more unique ways to boost sales...

Deciding to put your money into a supermarket or a grocery store is an extremely good decision. Places such as grocery stores, hospitals, and...
Make Your Business Stand Out

Top 3 Ways to Make Your Business Stand Out

It is easy for a small business to go under in a competitive industry with thousands of businesses offering services and products similar to...

Easy Ways to Improve Your Business’s Website Traffic

Despite any online business goal, the key will always arguably be getting visitors to your site. Traffic is necessary to sustaining any website. The...
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Ten Tips for Managing the Family Business

Did you know thatnearly 90% of family businesses do not extend to the third generation because of personal and professional conflicts, poor recruiting practices,...
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Startup Technology Decisions- How To Make The Best Ones

The journey of an entrepreneur is never easy because the startup space is fraught with risk. One wrong decision can land your business in...
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How to Find the Right Candidate for Your Start Up

Populating your start up can be one of the most difficult tasks that you need to undertake, but it is something that you are...

The effectiveness of search advertising vs. organic search results

If your company has a website (and, let’s face it, what firm doesn’t these days), you’ll no doubt have come across the seemingly endless...
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Top Benefits of SEO For Small Businesses

There’s no running away from the fact that SEO can help boost your small business in a short time. With SEO, small-scale businesses can...
benefits of card payments

The benefits of card payments for small businesses

Establishing a small business is no easy feat. There is an endless stream of factors to consider during the initial planning process. One of...
business start-ups off the ground

Expert tips for getting business start-ups off the ground

Starting your own business can be an exciting but daunting time for the best of us, but there are some things that we all...
Startup Tips

Startup Tips: How to Master the Supply Chain

Many businesses are defined by their ability to master the core concepts of economics: supply and demand.  Laying out a business model, taking control of...
Build Your Startup

8 Unique and Effective Tips to Help Build Your Startup

Starting a small business is a long-time and overwhelming endeavor. It is best to break it up into small tasks to understand every stage...
Promote Your Business Content Marketing

Help Promote Your Business With The Correct Type Of Content Marketing!

Every person in this world consumes content in one way or another. Quality content has become a significant part of human life, especially for...
Essential Software Start-Up

Essential Software Every Start-Up Business Needs To Become Profitable

Software is vital to any business. As a start-up, you will need to find the best software available to make your company profitable. The...
Home Business

Top Tips for Starting a Home Business

Over the last year, many people have had to adjust to working from home, but if you’re an individual who has always dreamed of...

How to Turn Your Passions into Profits with a Successful Startup

If you possess an unextinguishable passion for a particular subject and the expert knowledge to back it up, then why not think about founding...
Startup Traps

Don’t Fall for These Common Startup Traps!

Startups are synonymous with failing in the first year. If you ask most founders why that is, they’ll tell you cash flow or the...
Technological Innovations

4 Technological Innovations That Have Changed Marketing

Marketing has always evolved in parallel with technology and innovation. Marketing is a communicative business, and technology is a great driver of changes in...

5 Things To Consider When Planning To Scale Your Small Business

When a business relays steady growth, it is a clear indication that it can be scaled up. If this is the case with your...


Existing Clients Referrals - MyStartupLand

5 Effective Ways Your Startups Can Get Existing Clients Referrals

Regardless of the industry your startup operates in, existing clients referrals are a critical component of your success. When an existing client refers your...
Tuft & Pow - MyStartupLand

Founders Interview: Jackson Cunningham – Tuft & Paw Founder

Jackson and his girlfriend have always had a love for cats. While traveling through South America, they noticed how street cats were treated poorly and...
8 Steps To Become A Successful Internet Entrepreneur

8 Steps to Become a Successful Internet Entrepreneur

Establishing and running a successful startup isn’t all that different from doing it with a traditional brick and mortar company. Most of the rules...

Costly Employee Mistakes That All Entrepreneurs Should Avoid

No matter how much experience they have accumulated, entrepreneurs can be prone to making simple mistakes. In the business environment, some of these errors...