Startup accelerators are fixed-term, cohort-based programs. These include mentorship and educational components and culminate in a demo day where startup founders pitch their ideas in front of potential investors. However, Startup accelerators are not always what they look like. Understanding what’s behind them and how they operate, as well as getting the right value out of them is crucial to any startup success.

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Last Call To Apply For FasterCapital

In a crowded space where startup accelerators are growing like mushrooms after a rainy day, either funded by state or by corporates, it is...
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Corporate Startup Accelerators Are Evil

Big corporations have long understood the need to be present (and acquire) new startups to either eliminate long-term potential competitors or get technology that are...
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The Ultimate Investor Blogs List To Follow Today

The ultimate investor blogs list to follow is a collection of top VCs and angel investors blogs every startup founder should read. As a startup...
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The Best Startup Accelerators in U.S. 2016

What are the best startup accelerators?  A difficult question to answer, especially looking at an international landscape. The number of startup accelerators keeps growing almost daily worldwide....
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8 Aspects That Make You A Real Entrepreneur

"I am an entrepreneur" ... "I am a co-founder" ... "I have a startup"... I loved to say these words. I loved to secretely and modestly brag...
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Startup without VCs. Is it possible? – INTERVIEW

The Hungarian startup ecosystem has been developing intensively in the past few years. Many successful startups started here, like Prezi, Ustream or LogMeln. All these companies have...
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10 Steps To Get Into A Startup Accelerator

For many founders in startup land, startup accelerators are the best way to take their idea to the next level. Funding, mentorship, community value, potential...
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Sinking Your Startup In 7 Easy Steps

I am a geek (or developer if you like) with entrepreneurial drive. I founded 3 startups, one of them which went through an international accelerator. This  experience...
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How I Failed My Startup Dream!

"It's time to pack, we need to go" Sadly looking at each other, my co-founder and I tidied up our desks and left the co-working...
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A Guide To Startup Accelerators Value

Startup accelerators are created almost at the same pace as new startups come onto the market. We are flooded with accelerator programs. Despite the huge surge in...

10 Signs A Startup Is Not For You!

Is a startup what you really need? Here below 10 most important signs that you have to look for in yourself to understand that a startup...
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How to find the right co-founder for your startup

Starting a business is complicated. Challenges pile up as we go ahead in the journey. Perhaps one of the toughest one, especially in the early...

Top Ten Startup Mistakes…That Almost Always Lead to Business Failure

     This article appeared originally on ArticleBase  Author: K. MacKillop Many startup ideas fail to ever be launched and many, many fail within the first year or...
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A Definitive List Of Things To Know Before Launching A Startup

Entrepreneurship is a difficult path, full of tough decisions and doubts. We often think about launching a startup as a dream coming true; the...
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Startup Accelerators: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

  The startup ecosystem is booming. Every couple of weeks we read how startups of questionable value get investments of millions of dollars, while others struggle...


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[INFOGRAPHIC] What Are The Top App Install Ads To Win New...

With so many different channels available to mobile app marketers, it can be difficult to focus in on mastering a single strategy. Social media...
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7 Key Digital Marketing Trends To Stay Ahead Of The Competition...

Regardless of your level of expertise, one thing you have probably realized is that digital marketing is constantly evolving. With the various strategies and...
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Top VC Trends To Keep An Eye On

Startups around the globe rely heavily on VC funding to grow and expand their activities. Many successful startups have raised capital more than once over the course...
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5 Benefits of Teamwork in the Workplace

Any prosperous business owner has at least one amazing team backing them up. Although, in theory, a project can be delegated entirely to a...