Sales is the lifeblood of any startups. Understanding the basics as well as the advanced techniques that can lead any startup to achieve success is fundamental. Prospects are not clients. Leads are not paying yet. Understanding how to turn those non-yet-profitable users into paying stars for startups is what makes or breaks a business.

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Sales Follow Up Via Email – A Guide On How To...

Sometimes business owners are so much into the daily business that they might be missing the obvious solutions for opportunity growth. Meetings, investors, employees,...
What to do when a prospect asks for a discount - MyStartupLand

What To Do If Your Prospect Asks For A Discount?

During the last 10 years of my sales career, I have never had a negotiation where pricing was not an issue. Most people believe...
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The Ideal Prospect Fit – How To Increase Long-Term Revenues

Regardless of whether you are a sales professional, a freelancer or a startup founder, spending time on the right prospects is crucial for your...
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What Are The Benefits Of A Business Consultant For An Established...

Your company is finally well-established and profitable. You have been investing many hours and made countless sacrifices over the years to achieve this. However,...
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5 Key Advice for Providing Consulting Services to Startups

There is no doubt that startups need outside experts who can do the work as well as provide training on what needs to be...
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4 Ways To Create An Effective Lead Management Process

In this digital age, does your business still find it difficult to nurture and qualify leads? Do you face problems with lead leakage and...

How To Successfully Track Sales Activities For Freelancers

You won another client. Another project to work on. A step closer to make your freelancing activities a self-sustainable business. Success, however, doesn't come...
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[INFOGRAPHIC] How Account-Based Marketing Can Help You Score More Business

Think about the ideal customer that you’d like to have. The type of customer that would add value to your startup bottom line. What...
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5 Effective Ways Your Startups Can Get Existing Clients Referrals

Regardless of the industry your startup operates in, existing clients referrals are a critical component of your success. When an existing client refers your...
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6 Sales And Marketing Strategies To Grow Your Startup

The key to growing a startup these days is based on understanding why traditional sales and marketing strategies are failing and why new activities...
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Social Selling In Enterprises – A Guide On How To Do...

Be where your market is This is a basic sales learning everyone should be aware of, enterprise companies as well. Customers right now are online,...
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Is Your Sales Team GDPR-Ready?

The clock is ticking. The time has almost come. The 25th of May 2018 is the date when most businesses around the globe will...
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The Ultimate List Of (FREE) Sales Prospecting Tools

Sales prospecting is probably the most crucial steps in the sales funnel for any organization. Filling pipelines with leads is the focus of all...
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How To Structure Your Sales Team For Millennials

Structuring a sales team isn't that different from a sports team. In any sports, the coach analyses the talent and sees who fits best to...
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How Subscription Businesses Can Market Their Services In The Best Way

Whether it’s in HR, music, entertainment, or accountancy, SaaS startups are booming. This business model works and easy to scale up. Here are some...
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4 Ways To Attract And Retain Sales Leads

Whether we want it or not, we have all been a sales lead at some point. Signing up for a newsletter or answering a...
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Strategic Sales And Marketing: 7 Tips To Succeed

In most organizations, sales and marketing teams are acquaintances, at best. In the worst case, they're enemies. Although some level of competition usually doesn't hurt,...
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7 Ways To Have A Successful Lead Management Process For Your...

Does your company have a defined lead management process in place or is your sales team managing incoming leads in an unstructured way? Growing revenues...
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[UPDATED] The Future Of Lead Generation: 10 Tools From The Future

Lead Generation has been facing constant transformation. Old processes combined with new technologies have developed into new tools that help daily sales reps and...
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The Ultimate List Of B2B And B2C Sales Strategies Differences

One of the most important aspects of a sales manager role is to define an on-target sales strategy. Your B2B/B2C strategy is a make...




Transformational Leadership

The Secret to Transformational Leadership

In the last few decades, researchers have challenged many leadership models and styles. Having an effective leadership strategy is at the core...

How To Successfully Track Sales Activities For Freelancers

You won another client. Another project to work on. A step closer to make your freelancing activities a self-sustainable business. Success, however, doesn't come...
Defining your brand

The Ultimate Guide to Defining Your Brand

Branding is one of the most under-appreciated parts of a business and yet is responsible for much of the success. Customers become...
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6 Reasons Why Sales And Marketing Should Work Together

The lack of alignment between sales and marketing is a problem as old as the hills. Although both teams share the same...