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Starting Up a Business with a False Criminal Record

Surviving the job market with a criminal record can be challenging as nobody wants to hire you. This gets challenging if the criminal record...
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Why It’s Important to Take Care of Your Body Even if...

Intellectual work is not generally seen as taxing on the body, but it affects a person's overall health. Jobs requiring long hours behind a...
Digital Identification

The Importance of Digital Identification for Financial Inclusion

How often have you taken access to financial services for granted?  You’ve likely spent years without knowing there was an issue surrounding it.  But in fact,...
Starting a Business

Why You Should Look at Starting a Business

Running a business can be a thoroughly enjoyable activity. You get to pursue a hobby or interest that you enjoy and love, and you...

Security 101- How to Minimize Risk at Business Events?

Event security means more than just hosting an event with security personnel. Planning an event is quite complex, which requires extensive event communication and...
Startup issues

Startup issues you need to consider

The little issues you face when building your startup are often overlooked. It's easy to get so caught up in the excitement of starting...

Basic tactics to apply in an office to increase staff productivity

Today’s world is vast and highly competitive. The number of businesses pushing themselves to be the best is growing by the day. There is...

Common Reasons Global Business Expansions Do Not Succeed

While you want to have a positive impression of taking your business to a global audience, this does not mean that you are automatically...

Tips that can help you when starting your own business

There is a lot to think about when you are starting your own business, and different people focus on different things. However, here are...


When you think about the e-commerce business, what comes to mind? A well-designed website filled with a variety of products waiting to be sold,...

Using Unify Office by RingCentral for Seamless Business Communications

Atos and RingCentral, Inc are leading providers of global enterprise collaboration, cloud communications, contact center solutions, and video meetings. These top-notch leaders announced the...
Invest in Lifelong Learning

Invest in Lifelong Learning for Your Career

Lifelong learning is one approach to your everyday routine that is guaranteed to help your career. Unfortunately, the world moves fast, and there is...

6 Start-Up Essentials for a Small Business

With the emergence of the internet, setting up a small business has never been easier.  Many people have decided to take control of their destiny...
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How to Attract and Retain the Best Employees for Your Business

Whether your business is just starting out or you are going through a period of change, development, and growth, your employees are key to...
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How To Hit The Ground Running With Your Delivery Startup

If you have plans to start your own delivery business, you will want to make sure that you hit the ground running. This is...
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The Most Important Expenses to Assess in Your Small Business

Increasing your profit margin is any business owner’s major goal, and there are many important steps to achieving this over time. From employing new...
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How to Attract the Right Customers for Your Startup

As a new business, you’ll no doubt be focused on bringing in those all-important sales from a new customer base and getting your name...
Italian Investor Visa

Investing In Italy- How It Works From A Visa Perspective

Living in a foreign country is an alluring prospect, and a country like Italy makes a great option. It is an ideal destination for...
Top Search Engine Ranking

6 Ways You Can Get To the Top Search Engine Ranking

Search engines account for almost 93 percent of all internet traffic. And Google owns over 92 percent of the search engine market share. This means that the...
What Perks Come With Being A Professional Business Mentor?

What Perks Come With Being A Professional Business Mentor?

Professional business mentors have a lot to offer. However, many rewarding aspects come with their role too.  The UK recently experienced its strongest start-up boom...


Startup Funding

[INFOGRAPHIC] How Startup Funding Works

Financing a startup is not a simple process. If this is your first time funding a startup, don’t worry. We’ll break down every step...
Brand Story-Telling

6 Ways To Use IGTV For Great Brand Story-Telling

The Instagram Television (IGTV) that launched on June 20 2018 has been an object of curiosity and experiment among users. There’s a lot going...
Local SEO - MyStartupLand

[INFOGRAPHIC] 15 Reasons Why Local SEO Matters

Engaging with local customers is always one of the top questions of many business owners. Often times, you’ll host events at your brick and...

[INFOGRAPHIC] An Introduction To Social Media Customer Care

Previously, there were three main types of customer care that customers could use if they were not physically in a store. These methods were...