close up view of system hacking in a monitor

Startup Technology Decisions- How To Make The Best Ones

The journey of an entrepreneur is never easy because the startup space is fraught with risk. One wrong decision can land your business in...
person in black suit hired an employee

How to Find the Right Candidate for Your Start Up

Populating your start up can be one of the most difficult tasks that you need to undertake, but it is something that you are...

The effectiveness of search advertising vs. organic search results

If your company has a website (and, let’s face it, what firm doesn’t these days), you’ll no doubt have come across the seemingly endless...
benefits of card payments

The benefits of card payments for small businesses

Establishing a small business is no easy feat. There is an endless stream of factors to consider during the initial planning process. One of...
business start-ups off the ground

Expert tips for getting business start-ups off the ground

Starting your own business can be an exciting but daunting time for the best of us, but there are some things that we all...
Startup Tips

Startup Tips: How to Master the Supply Chain

Many businesses are defined by their ability to master the core concepts of economics: supply and demand.  Laying out a business model, taking control of...
Build Your Startup

8 Unique and Effective Tips to Help Build Your Startup

Starting a small business is a long-time and overwhelming endeavor. It is best to break it up into small tasks to understand every stage...
Home Business

Top Tips for Starting a Home Business

Over the last year, many people have had to adjust to working from home, but if you’re an individual who has always dreamed of...

How to Turn Your Passions into Profits with a Successful Startup

If you possess an unextinguishable passion for a particular subject and the expert knowledge to back it up, then why not think about founding...

Why Going Back to School is Good for Business

If you’re an entrepreneur or you work for a startup, it’s likely that your main focus is usually on the here and now. You...
Office Space

How To Make Your Office Space More Accessible

If you want to create a business that has diverse ideas, you need to encourage a diverse range of people that your company is...
Startup Traps

Don’t Fall for These Common Startup Traps!

Startups are synonymous with failing in the first year. If you ask most founders why that is, they’ll tell you cash flow or the...
Improve Customer Satisfaction

8 Innovative Ways to Improve Customer Satisfaction

When you love a brand, you shop from them. You are happy to hear news from them. You are willing to try out new...
Investing in a Website

3 Things to Know Before Investing in a Website

Your startup should certainly have a website. A huge percentage of consumer traffic is generated through a company’s site, and it can act as...
virtual employees

How to Help Virtual Employees Feel Part of the Company Culture

When a team works in the same location, company culture develops relatively organically with the right leadership. Of course, with more and more companies...
Digital Marketing

The Ultimate Future of Digital Marketing Is Here

"We want to know what consumers are looking for, what their values are, and how can we meet their needs, it's not just about...
Online Business Website

Elevate Your Online Business Website With These Changing Trends

In the world of digitization, businesses are growing leaps and bounds. Everyone is using the internet to know and explore the most trending items...
Business Trip

5 Things To Do Before A Business Trip

Going on a business trip is an exciting opportunity to make new contacts that you wouldn't be able to otherwise, and maybe even to...

Driving A Company Car – What Employees & Startup Owners Need...

When you start a new business, there’s always a lot of pressure to handle. Obviously, you will have to delegate work to manage the...
Money Mistakes Most Entrepreneurs Make

5 Common Money Mistakes Most Entrepreneurs Make

Entrepreneurs are known to be excellent problem-solvers who push their boundaries and sail towards unchartered waters. They often have a skewed perception that opportunity...


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How To Structure Your Sales Team For Millennials

Structuring a sales team isn't that different from a sports team. In any sports, the coach analyses the talent and sees who fits best to...
Engaging Millennials - MyStartupLand

[INFOGRAPHIC] How To Engage Millennials With These Money Saving Work Perks

Millennials in the workplace? They’re part of the new reality that every employer is going to have to deal with. That’s not only because...
Content Marketing

Common Content Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

More and more businesses are involved in the world of content marketing these days – and for a good reason. It has all sorts...

Easy Ways to Improve Your Business’s Website Traffic

Despite any online business goal, the key will always arguably be getting visitors to your site. Traffic is necessary to sustaining any website. The...