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There is no doubt that startups need outside experts who can do the work as well as provide training on what needs to be done. This is known as “leading by example”. It is actually appreciated by businesses of every size. Many people think that it’s time to eliminate the term consultant as well as focus on activities and approaches that appeal more to the growing volume of small businesses.

Global Resources provides us with six essential key advice for providing consulting services to startups.

Change Your Title To Professional Or Specialist

Identifying yourself as a specialist or professional diminishes the stigma of a consultant role. For example, think of a marketing specialist or staffing professional title. Specialists and professionals are seen as experts who do the work rather than just make recommendations for others.

Join The Movement To Contract Roles

Many businesses have stopped hiring for lifetime commitments some time ago. This is because markets change very rapidly and companies need to prepare their workforce for changing economic conditions.

It’s time to move from traditional consulting services to a freelance execution role as a hands-on interim professional or executive.

Generate A Project-Based revenue model

Rather than establishing an hourly rate, agreements based on projects to be completed put the focus on quantifiable business outputs versus time spent. For example, a marketing project would be the number of leads generated or ad impressions, instead of recommendations for improving the process.

Be Willing To Work At All Organization Levels

There is no doubt that leadership by example works at all levels of a company. As traditionally accepted, leadership is not limited to the realm of the top executive or board of directors, who could bring in consultants for studies and analysis. Specialists today can justify their cost based on more direct return on investment calculations at all operational levels.

Treat A Startup As A Customer, Not A Client

A client relationship suggests that the consultant is in charge. On the other hand, the customer designation recognizes the more modern model of the customer in control. It also underscores all aspects of required customer service, satisfaction, loyalty, and referrals to peers.

Be Responsive To Every Customer Communication

Most consultants today are hard to contact between scheduled meetings due to their formal communication processes. It’s time to implement your customer’s favorite mode of communication. Ask your customer what they prefer. Be flexible and consider texting, phone calls or social media, and do not limit responses to office hours.


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