Essential Software Start-Up

Software is vital to any business. As a start-up, you will need to find the best software available to make your company profitable. The right software can cut down inefficiencies and create a streamlined, effective business. Here are some of the best software available to help your business become profitable.  


Marketing is how a business gets noticed and builds a customer base. You should look for software that allows collaboration across all areas of your business. The software should streamline your marketing and have all the tools you need to track your marketing campaigns and their effectiveness.  

Customer Service 

If you want customers to return, you need excellent customer care. You should look for software that puts all the information your customer service team will need in one place, such as contact details and past orders. It should provide insights and data to show areas for improvement. There should be the option to automate tasks such as payment reminders and after-sale emails.  


You should use software that generates and nurtures sales. It should provide lead information to your sales team that is clear, accurate and intuitive.  

Time Management 

Time management software shows you exactly where employee time is being spent and lets you identify areas for improvement. To avoid the time-consuming task of chasing employees for timesheets, you should find software that collates this information. Journyx’s time tracking software can be completed by employees quickly and remotely and reduces the amount you spend on paper.  

Human Resources 

HR software will streamline posting job adverts, scheduling interviews and organizing candidate CVs. It should automatically distribute job postings to the major recruitment sites. If you want to cut down the time spent searching for the perfect candidate, HR software will narrow down the pool based on your parameters.  


You should find finance software that puts all your business finances into one space. This should include payrolls, expenses and inventory costs. Errors with finances can cost money and even get you in trouble with the law. Finance software will reduce the potential for human error.  

Data Storage 

You should store your data in secure cloud storage. This will allow employees across multiple sites to access the information they need at any time. You should choose software with a proven track record and excellent online reviews.  

Cyber Security 

To keep your business’s data safe, you will need excellent cyber security software. Data breaches can be costly both in reputation and income. This should include anti-virus software and firewalls. You should ensure your staff understand their role in keeping your business secure and consider using cyber safety training.  


Communication software will improve collaboration between employees. You should use instant messaging software for day-to-day interactions and video conferencing software to connect employees across different sites.

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