Whether or not your engagement party is planned for immediately or else very shortly after you and your betrothed committed to marrying each other, or else (more likely) the celebration had to be delayed due to the restrictions brought about by the worldwide pandemic, you deserve the most amazing party to celebrate. 

With that in mind, continue reading to learn of everything you need to know when planning and organizing your own engagement party. 

Your Guest List

The length and breadth of your guest list is dependent entirely on the style of engagement party you and your partner want to hold. 

If you are keen on a more intimate affair, a decadent and luxurious dinner in a private room of a local upmarket restaurant certainly required you to only invite your closest friends and family members. 

Your Dress Code

If you and your partner are particular fans of a tv or movie franchise, a fantastically fun idea is to ask your guests to dress in costumes that would not be out of place in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, for example. 

Conversely, you may be more geared towards an altogether more stylish and classier affair; you could theme your engagement party around The Great Gatsby, or else request that all your guests wear 1920’s flapper dresses and black tuxes. 

Your Food & Drink

By far the best decision for providing your loved ones with enough quantities of booze and (to cater for those who do not wish to partake) a varied selection of hot drinks and cold sodas and juices (or even mocktails) is to hire the professional services of a reputable and experienced company such as eventbartenders.com, who can be instructed to produce a bespoke package perfect for your special evening. 

Your Décor

A beautiful, emotive idea is to theme the tables at your engagement party around different countries and cultures’ languages and interpretation of love.

If you, your partner, or a close family member or other loved one is particularly adept at crafting, perhaps ask them to create table decorations all based around the theme of love, and stick to a red, pink or white color scheme. 

Your Cake

These days, rightly or wrongly, the mark of any great and memorable engagement party is the scale and the detail of the cake. 

The trick here is to have a cake created that embodies the sentimentality and togetherness of the symbolism of becoming engaged, without overdoing it and commissioning a white wedding cake as your centerpiece to the evening. 

Keep things simple with a creamy and moist vanilla sponge, filled with rich vanilla buttercream between the layers and it is probably best to stick to one large cake rather than a multi-tiered cake that would convey a more wedding vibe. Dependent on the colors you have chosen for the theme of your evening, perhaps have the icing in the same color as the main aesthetics of the table décor.

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