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All entrepreneurs dream of starting a business for themselves, regardless of its nature and size. They need to funnel their time and ambition into a business idea that will make them proud, earn money, and, most importantly, turn their business idea into a full-time venture. 

Not to mention, the prospect of saying I quit to your boss will make it even more satisfying. That said, starting a business costs money. So, what business ideas have low investment costs, let’s say, under 20,000 dollars?

From transport and logistics services to business plan writing services to furniture refinishing and repair, there is a business idea for every budget, interest, and skill level out there. You can start companies with little to no upfront costs. Moreover, you can run these businesses from a small storefront, a work truck or van, or even a simple business website. 

Furthermore, you can advertise them through cold calls, fliers, coupons, or hire an online marketing company, depending on the business idea you choose to go for. Let’s look at a few businesses you dive into with a budget of under $20k. 

Transport and logistics business.

A transport and logistics business deals with anything from large-scale freight operations to moving and storage services. Depending on your level of interest and expertise in the transport and logistics industry, you can start small and then move up the ladder as you progress, say experts at Simplex Group.

First, you’ll need office space. You can either rent one or partner up with someone willing to invest. The next step would be to get shipping containers that’ll be used for storing stuff. For buying shipping containers, start by searching for the term quality shipping containers for sale on Google. 

The size and nature of your business will decide the size of your container. Don’t be flamboyant with your budget; and instead, spend sparingly by finding a few containers that fit your budget first, and when the business grows, buy more.   

After you find containers, you must decide on the clients you want to cater to. Typically, you can divide a transport and logistics business into three categories; global transport, local transport, and personal transport. But as we have to keep investment costs under 20,000 dollars, it would be wise to go with a local or private business model. 

Valet parking service.

An outgoing, friendly personality, the ability to acquire liability insurance, and most importantly, a driver’s license are three things you need to start a valet parking service. Not to mention, such a business requires minimal cash to launch. 

In addition, the profits are excellent, with rates for valet parking services varying from 50-70 dollars per hour for a three to four-person crew. Moreover, tips can also add up in the end!

There is a massive market for a valet parking business with clients ranging from consumers hosting events, parties, weddings, trade shows, corporations hosting conventions, and everything in between. 

With incredible customers service and a smile along with a catchy slogan and uniforms, you will leave an everlasting impression on your clients that will surely secure a lot of business through word-of-mouth referrals. 

Business plan writing service.

With millions of small businesses in the USA alone, there is a sizeable market for a business plan writing service. However, to launch such a business, you must be an expert business planner, know how to conduct research, and run the numbers that a business plan usually requires. 

If you don’t know how to do this, you can always hire a couple of expert business plan writers, although it would add to your startup costs. 

Furthermore, you can market your business plan writing service by attending business conferences and networking meetings. In addition to targeting new businesses, you can also aim your marketing efforts towards professional and existing companies looking to update their business plans. 

Such service costs little to no money to start and can be operated on a full-time or part-time basis, depending on your availability. Plus, your charges should vary depending on the type and size of the business plan you are hired to develop. 

Furniture refinishing and repair business.

If you’re handy with woodwork and know your way around upholstery, you can earn a lot of money refinishing and repairing residential and office furniture. That said, you can operate the furniture repair side of your business on a mobile basis by working from a fully equipped truck or van. 

You can visit the customer’s location and repair furniture on the spot. Clients that might require furniture repairs include property managers, hotels, restaurants, used furniture retailers, home and office movers, etc. 

On the other hand, the furniture refinishing side of your business deals with refinishing antique furniture. You can refinish furniture through a home-based workshop to keep investment costs down. Moreover, you can complement your income by attending auction sales and purchasing used furniture, repairing and refinishing them, and then selling them off via eBay or Craigslist for a profit. 


There are plenty of low investment business ideas out there that will allow you to call yourself a small business owner. So, if you’re tired of your regular nine-to-five job or you recently inherited some money from a long-lost relative, consider starting a small business that requires less than 20,000 dollars. 

At the start, the idea of spending 20,000 dollars might seem like a lot for you. But there’s good news; you can turn those 20,000 dollars into a six or maybe a seven-figure amount by investing in the right business idea. In the end, if you’re willing to work hard, remain patient, and believe in your vision, nobody can stop you from earning a lot of money.

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