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Artificial intelligence (AI) is taking the digital world to new levels, changing the way people communicate and connect around the world. This means new and exciting innovations for your business and brand no matter what products you sell or services you provide. 

Customer experience is critical to your success. It’s a positive and smooth experience that keeps your customers loyal and wanting to do more business with you. Using AI, you can give your customers the value and great service they’re looking for by providing an informed, intelligent, and personal experience that puts you out ahead of your competition.

Here are the top 10 AI innovations that are changing the customer experience:

1. Accurate Content and Product Recommendations

AI is able to provide personalized and relevant recommendations to consumers that are tailored and adapted to their likes and dislikes. By using smart algorithms, AI pairs customer preferences with their previous responses, recommending products, music, and videos that are surprisingly accurate.

2. Perpetually Charming Chatbots 

Using AI chatbots, businesses can provide their customers with a pleasant and “happy” service each and every time. Although automation will never completely replace the human side of your business, it does ensure that you’re able to provide great customer service as you connect with customers. AI chatbots are a great first step in building customer relationships and differentiating your brand so it stands out from the rest.

3. Auto-pay With Smart Speakers

The seamless availability and integration of AI gives customers the freedom and flexibility to shop according to their own schedule. Using voice assistants such as Alexa and Echo, customers can make purchases and pay their bills when it’s convenient for them. This automated self-service functionality is exactly what tech savvy consumers are looking for, turning them into smart shoppers.  

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4. 24/7 Customer Service

Chatbots and AI are available 24/7, giving your customers an immediate response to their concerns and questions. Even when you’re not online or reachable by phone, AI lets consumers connect with you and get support, whether it’s to place an order, set up an appointment, or find out more about your brand.

5. Efficient Shopping Experience

Consumers are looking for an efficient and streamlined shopping experience. AI can help to reduce errors and frustrations by understanding the shopping behaviors of your customers and speeding up the steps of completing an order from start to finish. Chatbots can also make it simpler for consumers to make changes to their orders, making it easier for them to communicate what they need.

6. Phone Bots With Value

In the past, consumers have been annoyed with the one-word answers they get when calling for customer service. Innovations in AI have made it possible for phone bots to be more complex and helpful, providing useful responses and directing customer queries to the right place. Using AI your customers will be able to get the support they need much faster

7. Better Customer Insight

Text analytics can give you more understanding of who your customers are and what they want. You’ll be able to discover trends in consumer behavior that can help you build your brand so it’s in tune with customer demand. This type of awareness into what people think gives you the data to retain consumers and keep them loyal while at the same time continue to grow your customer base.

8. Visual Engagement Benefits

AI capabilities now include visual engagement with customers. By using biometrics and tracking facial expressions you can engage with a customer’s emotions and gain more insight into what they’re thinking and feeling. Communicating with people visually on the screen lets you improve customer experience by connecting with them on a more human level to build reassurance and trust.  

9. Enhanced Personalization

Artificial intelligence can improve customer service by personalizing the entire shopping experience. Using customer data, AI can communicate and send messages to consumers based on their needs and previous interactions with your business. This personalization is a marketing tool that lets you build your brand and make new and exciting changes to your products or services.

10. Accurate Customer Data

The more accurate your customer data is the easier it is for you to make decisions about the future of your business. Each time you interact with one of your customers you gain valuable information and insight into who they are and their buying behavior. AI is able to accurately compile this data which can then analyze results that make a difference to your business. Data analytics use this accurate information to make the entire customer experience intuitive and relevant to each consumer on a personal level.


As more businesses learn about the benefits and potential of AI to improve the customer experience, you can’t afford to fall behind. Understanding the latest AI innovations and how they work can make a big difference in the experience you provide for your own customers. From predictive personalization to chatbots that are always cheerful and helpful, the AI innovations listed here can help you scale your business and give customers the exceptional service they’re looking for.

Heidi is a writer and content creator based in New York City. When she isn’t covering articles on startups and tech, you can usually find her in a coffee shop or taking a walk through Central Park.

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