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Working as a freelancer can lead to a line of critical work conditions such as loneliness and depression. Since human beings thrive in social environments, we prefer those where we feel important and have a place. With freelancing being one-third of the United State’s workforce, it is possible to see a growth of prosperity and opportunity. However, this comes at a great price.

When we no longer connect with coworkers or even bosses on a physical basis, humans are depriving themselves and can face certain mental conditions. This, in turn, can lead to depression and lack of connection between each other.

The Role Of Coworking Spaces In Freelance Isolation

A solution to these issues has developed in the last few years, coworking spaces. By coming together into one space freelancers can meet each other and share new ideas and value, along with conducting work as usual.

According to, coworking has improved nearly 92% of freelancers’ social networking and made 86% of them feel much less disconnected. If you’re looking into the coworking option, here are the top 6 ways how coworking spaces help combat freelance isolation.

1. Increase Client Referrals

One of the best coworking space benefits is the chance to increase your profitability and grow your client list. Working in one of these spaces will give you the opportunity to interact with others who work in your field. You may even find some freelancers who work with the same sort of clients you do. If you are lucky, you may even befriend someone who has too much work on his hands and helps you close your first paying client.

2. Access To A Professional Space

The only way that freelancers make money is by meeting and building relationships with clients. Some freelancers are able to build up communication via email and phone calls. Unfortunately, not everybody’s home is suited for professional meetings with clients. Some people prefer or are required to meet with clients in person. In both these cases, it is necessary to have a clean and professional space readily available. This will help to build and maintain a level of professionalism.

Coworking spaces give self-employed people the perfect way to host meetings with their clients. Inviting clients into your coworking space can also help to strengthen the freelancer/client trust and showcase your professional network.

Whether you are searching for a quiet alternative to a loud Starbucks or a cleaner space than your home, a coworking space is a right answer. These meeting rooms can help you build up your relationship and keep heading in the right direction.

3. Join A Community Of Like-Minded People

The community aspect of coworking is the main combatant against working from home isolation. Being a member of a group of like-minded freelancers can be extremely beneficial. It can remind you that your struggles are not unique. You can vent with your coworkers and receive advice on how to deal with your problems. Share trade secrets and freelancing tips.

With a coworking space, you are building a support network that can guide and help you navigate the self-employment maze.

4. Improve Social Life

In addition to becoming more social at work, coworking can help you from feeling isolated outside of work. Being around people is the first step to making new friends. According to a survey completed by the Huffington Post, 91% of coworkers claim to have better social interactions on the whole.

The coworking environment provides freelancers the opportunity to practice starting conversations and interacting with people. These skills can easily transfer over to regular, everyday life. This is perhaps one of the best benefits of coworking. You can still enjoy all the things you love about being self-employed without feeling isolated.

5. More Opportunity To Socialize

Many coworking spaces host events that are designed to allow freelancers to interact with each other. These events range from lunches to workshops to happy hours. This is just another excellent coworking space benefits. You can connect and engage with other members of your coworking space easily. It is also a great chance to network professionally, too. When you can interact with coworkers in a relaxed and social environment, you don’t need to worry about interrupting anybody’s work schedule.

A lot of the time these events are open to the public, which means you may be able to find some new clients. If you frequently give workshops or seminars as part of your freelancing business, you can ask your coworking space about partnering with them. This can expand your network and show off your skills to potential clients.

6. Have A Better Work-Life Balance

A lot of freelancers have trouble separating work from everyday life. Most of them work from home and it is difficult to establish a barrier between the two. Freelancers also often work with clients in different time zones, therefore available 24/7. This can have a serious effect on health.

A recent Dutch study measured the effects workaholism had on health. They asked participants about their perceived health and things like their levels of exhaustion, professional productiveness, and any other physical complaints they had. The researchers found that those who were unable to detach themselves from their work experienced more negative health issues.

One of the main benefits of coworking is that it gives freelancers an actual space dedicated to just work. With this physical area, they are able to better remove themselves from their work. It makes it easier for them to leave their work at work when the day is over. This way, you can be more present in your daily life, engage more with your loved ones, and lead a more fulfilling life.

Do you work in a coworking space? How do you enjoy it? Is there any other advantage that you might have experienced? Share your experience in the comment section below.

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