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Millennials in the workplace? They’re part of the new reality that every employer is going to have to deal with. That’s not only because labor shortages are rampant across many industries and in many communities. And there’s the reality of millennials getting older: They’re simply just entering the workplace in greater and greater numbers every year. In fact, by 2020, they’re going to be the largest generation in America. Despite everyone being aware of this new generation in the workplace, most of the employers are still struggling with finding ways to engage millennials.

Much of what many people think they know about millennials isn’t necessarily true. For example, millennials don’t necessarily just want to freelance or consult; they actually prefer working full time. So if they do, then how do you persuade them to work for you? Well, it might not just be about salary—it might be about other benefits, too. What combination works and what should you appeal to them with?

This graphic helps explain what to consider.

Appeal to Millennials With These Money-Saving Work Perks

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