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Cybersecurity is becoming one of the number one concerns for companies and organizations all around the world. With cybercrime at an all-time high, there’s a huge demand for cybersecurity professionals, and with not enough security professionals available, there’s a big gap in the workforce for this specialized career. 

Most In-Demand Cybersecurity Career Options

If you’re looking for a career in cybersecurity, there are some jobs that are currently more in demand than others.

The most in-demand jobs include:

  • Incident responders – responds to security threats and breaches against a network.
  • Security engineer – engineers, implements, and identifies security requirements.
  • Security architect – designs, builds, and assists with the implementation of security networks.
  • Cybersecurity consultant – reviews security issues and helps identify security risks and threats.
  • Penetration tester – looks for vulnerabilities and entry points in computer networks.

Cybersecurity Professionals’ Personalities

Jobs that are in high demand in cybersecurity are aligned with specific personalities and motivating factors. Understanding these different personality types and motivations can help you find the right fit when you’re looking for a career in cybersecurity. This information can benefit both candidates for a job, as well as HR recruiters, by streamlining the job search based on a good fit.

The Problem Solver

Problem solvers are good with small details. They take the time to thoroughly think of a problem before moving into action. As cybersecurity professionals they do well in the position of an incident responder, carefully recording critical information.

Problem solvers:

  • Are very perceptive and pay attention to every detail
  • Are critical thinkers
  • Think analytically 

The Quick Learner

Quick learners are those team members who are motivated by learning everything they can about cybersecurity. They pick up new information quickly, eagerly sharing their new knowledge with their employers and coworkers.

Quick learners: 

  • Love to research new tech information
  • Work well when put under pressure
  • Are curious about every aspect of their job

The Avenger

The avenger personality has a natural ability to think rationally and with a clear head in almost any situation. Cybersecurity engineers often have the avenger personality, being highly intellectual and able to organize clearly.


  • Can be empathetic and understand the position of others
  • Cerebral and clever in their thinking
  • Have a natural instinct to design and keep things in order

The Teacher

The teacher personality is necessary in cybersecurity for explaining more complex technical terminology to those who need to understand it in simpler language.

The teacher:

  • Thrives on being helpful to the rest of the team
  • Is caring and thoughtful, taking the time to share information
  • Listens patiently to what others have to say

The Enthusiast

Enthusiasts love having a career in cybersecurity. They eagerly jump in to be the leader in team projects, using their creative personality to think about problems in ways that other personalities often miss. The enthusiast:

  • Is passionate about what they do
  • Highly creative and innovative
  • Motivated to succeed in their career

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Whether you’re looking for a career in cybersecurity, or hiring a cybersecurity professional, knowing what cybersecurity jobs line up with your motivation and personality can make it easier to find the right career opportunity. Check out this cybersecurity career infographic by Varonis to see more career tips and quotes from industry experts.

Find Cybersecurity Career
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