Employees Happy And Productive

Having a happy workforce automatically guarantees they will be productive, too. After all, it’s much easier to get work done when you feel like you are at the top of the world. Of course, it’s as tricky to keep the level of motivation up as it is to bring it up. If you want to be a good and caring boss, you’ll need to realize that this is a permanent job. The changes you implement will have to last permanently, not just for a period of time. Keeping employees happy and productive is what will drive your company to success.

1. Always Give Them Something To Do

Employees Happy And Productive

People aren’t happy unless they are working. As soon as they don’t have anything to do at the job, they start thinking how pointless it is to even go there. This in no way means that you should overwork your employees and burden them with extra work, just that you should always have projects planned ahead. A little breather between projects is fine, even welcomed, but be sure to start the next phase shortly. 

This keeps the mindset of having to work hard ever-present and helps your employees feel like they’re making a difference. In truth, those two components are essential for their mental health, happiness, and productivity. You can even have several projects planned out ahead and then let your employees decide which one they want to work on. This way, you can divide your workforce and have people work on something they’re genuinely interested in. That factor enhances the level of their productivity and happiness all the while leaving them with a purpose.

2. Come Up With A Reward System

The more people go unrewarded for their good work, the less they’re willing to try. After all, what’s the point of working hard if it doesn’t seem to earn you anything than what the others have? Where’s the justice in contributing twice as more without being recognized for it? To counter these thoughts and avoid an inevitable decrease in productivity, you should create a reward system. It can be anything from days off, a raise, or a massage.

In fact, sometimes a kind word is more than enough. This will show your workforce that you take an active interest in what they do and appreciate the work they put in for your company. A simple “you’re doing a great job, keep it up”, will be enough to make anyone’s day.

Of course, real rewards will have a longer lasting effect and will make your employees much more productive and happier. You can start small and then go up to bigger rewards so as to keep things new and fresh and keep the productivity up. Another idea is to ask your team what they would appreciate most as their reward to keep them happy and productive.

3. Encourage Work Harmony

Team building and work harmony are the essence of keeping your employees happy and productive. If they feel like they belong to something bigger than themselves, they’ll feel like they have to do their part to aid the system. It will also give them a purpose in your firm. You can easily achieve this effect by encouraging your employees to socialize and engage with each other. Make them see they’re welcomed and have friends in the office.

Of course, this should be done subtly, not directly. There’s nothing more awkward than your boss forcing you to interact with others. The easiest way to do this is to give them something they all have in common- coffee. Acquire a Blue Pod coffee machine and watch the conversation flow easily during every break. It may start with small talk, but even that’s enough to warm your employees up to one another. In the long run, a simple thing like chatting while drinking your coffee will bring them together
and make the work environment healthier and more pleasant for everyone.

4. Make An Effort To Listen

A happy and productive employee is one who is heard and listened to. It’s often the case that bosses just nod their heads to their employees’ ideas, not really caring about them at all. Even more so, we see cases where the boss flat out discourages the employee from being creative by putting down their idea. This leads to frustration and will inevitably lead to negligence of office duties. Don’t be that boss.

When your team is brainstorming, encourage them to come up with as many ideas as they can. They don’t even have to be all good, the important thing is that they’re actively participating. Challenge them to think and change their opinions and steer them towards one vision. They’ll all have something interesting to contribute, that’s guaranteed. Praise the good ideas and make sure to give credit where it’s due. This way your employees feel both heard and appreciated.

There’s nothing more than a warm feeling in their hearts and a smile on their faces. Everyone likes being valued.


As you can see, keeping your employees happy as well as productive is no easy task. Still, we’re confident that you’ll be able to do a proper job due to your dedication to the workplace. Your hard work is bound to go noticed, too. When employees see how much you’re trying to keep them happy and motivated, they’ll have even more reason to keep giving excellent results. In truth, being more conscious of your work environment and how you can improve it can and will prove to be beneficial for everyone involved.

David Koller is a passionate blogger and copywriter for Media Gurus, mainly interested in business and Digital Marketing.

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