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Generating leads is the lifeblood for any business. Lead generation, however, can be done in many ways. You can have a development team taking care of “hunting” leads using different prospecting tools or set up inbound marketing campaigns

When designing a marketing campaign with the aim of generating leads, many inexperienced marketers and founders think that leading the visitor to one of the many existing web pages is “good enough” to get what they need. 

On average, however, you have 15 seconds to grab someone’s attention online before they decide to move on with their life. This means that in a quarter of a minute, you need to not only grab a visitor’s attention but create enough interest in whatever you are selling. 

Your website is a general presentation of your business. There is a lot of information on it and visitors can get easily distracted by secondary elements. For this reason, when thinking about capturing leads or selling something through inbound marketing campaigns, it is crucial to design specific landing pages to maximize conversion. 

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What Is A Landing Page? 

Before we take a look at how to maximize your landing page conversion, it’s important to understand what a landing page is. 

A landing page is a webpage where you send visitors to convert them into a sale or start a conversation. 

Each landing page should have a unique purpose, be it a specific product, promotion or a free giveaway. 

This means that your homepage (or any other web page for that matter) cannot be a landing page. You need to create separate landing pages that cannot be used for any other purposes other than a specific promotion. 

Do You Need A Landing Page? 

There might be several reasons why you want to create a landing page. Generally the purpose of a landing page is to:

a) Increase sales for a specific product; or

b) Turn visitors into leads by collecting their information

Do you have any of these needs? If the answer is yes, then you will need to designed customised landing pages. 

What Are The Benefits Of Having A High Converting Landing Page? 

There are a few benefits when it comes to designing specific landing pages: 

  1. SEO & Ranking 
  2. Test Keywords Effectiveness through PPC Campaigns
  3. Increase In Product Sales or Buzz 
  4. Increase Efficiency Buying Process
  5. Offers Segmentation Based On Audience Interests

Creating a landing page, however, should not be the endpoint. As marketers and founders, the main purpose should be to design a high converting landing page to maximize results. The aim, in any marketing activity, should be to increase conversion. If you cannot track how the actions you take have an impact on the bottom line, then you need to re-think your whole inbound strategy. 

What Elements Do You Need To Include In Your Landing Page To Increase Conversion Rate? 

Here below we take a look at the most common elements to maximize your landing page conversion. 

What’s Your Audience’s Pain? 

In order to design a high converting landing page, it is crucial to start thinking like your audience. What is the problem they want to solve? How does your solution solve that particular problem? 

The key in going through this step is to think out of the box. You cannot (and should not) copy what your competitor is doing. What works for someone doesn’t necessarily work for your brand or product. 

For example, here’s Transferwise landing page. The headline is clearly addressing a problem many people living abroad have. 

TransferWise Landing Page - MyStartupLand

The advice is to really take time in thinking what problem you want to solve and what content, image and form you should add to your landing page. Spend some time designing your landing page and, of course, test different versions. Your potential customers are looking for a solution, is your page going to give it to them? 

How Many Choices Are You Giving To Your Audience? 

A problem when designing a landing page for the first time is that you want to put as many information as possible in it. When you give someone too many choices, however, you end up scaring them away. 

The secret in this crowded and full of distractions online world is to get to the point quickly. The less things you say, the more relevant you will be. The more elements you add to your page, the more complicated the choice for your prospects will be. 

Less is more! 

Airbnb Landing Page - MyStartupLand

This is a great example by Airbnb. Everyone knows that through Airbnb you can either host people or book an apartment. This landing page is directed to one of the two audiences, no extra option. It also has one focus and that is “how much am I going to make as a host?”

Be specific in your offering. Don’t give more than one option. You don’t want to confuse your audience.

What’s Your Punching Line?

Copywriting is the most important skill you will need while working on your landing page. While there are many elements on the landing page you will need to work on, the headline plays a very important role. 

It is crucial to spend time on crafting a great headline. To do so, you will need to focus on the pain points (see above) and be as specific as possible. 

Industrial Strength Marketing Landing Page - MyStartupLand

Looking at the above example, you can see how Industrial Strength Marketing is going straight to the point and speak to companies as if they would be their website visitors. The headline is clear and appeal immediately to those who don’t have a responsive website. What else do you really need? 

The headline of your landing page needs to grab the audience attention immediately. If you succeed to do so, they will want to know more about what you have to offer. 

How Are You Going To Grab Your Audience Attention?

Visuals matter. Pictures are an essential component of your landing page. Depending on the product you are going to promote, visual content will help you engage users in a much faster way. 

According to 3M, our brain can process visuals 60.000 times faster than text and facts. Because of the way our brain works, people read only 28% of the words on a webpage

Hubspot Landing Page - MyStartupLand

In the image above by Hubspot, it’s possible to see how the simple, yet effective image reinforces the message in the text. Visuals don’t need to be necessarily stock images, they can be as simple as the one shown above.

The key is to have an image that grabs visitors attention within seconds. The text should be a support to your visual content and not vice versa. Inexperienced marketers might think that the text is crucial for increasing the conversion of a landing page. However, if you miss the chance to get the prospect interest within the first 15 seconds, you have lost them forever. 

Can You Be Trusted? 

When designing a landing page, you need to think like your audience. If your company doesn’t have a strong brand, how are you going to make sure that people will trust you? 

Thinking like your prospect can make it easy for you to increase the effectiveness of landing pages. Would you give your personal data to a sketchy business? Or even worse, would you buy something from a website you have never heard of? 

At the basic level, it is good practice to provide some business contact details. If you want to go the extra mile, you can add a live chat or a chatbot feature to interact with users on the spot. This increases credibility and make sure visitors trust your business. 

It might be difficult to have a live chat active 24/7. In that case, just add a clear CTA to reach out via a contact form. It might take more than one interaction with your brand for a visitor to convert. 


Maximizing your landing page conversion is not an easy task. You need to invest time and resources to make sure you achieve the best possible results. Testing is key. You will need to monitor constantly what works and what doesn’t and adjust accordingly. Making changes too often, however, can also have the opposite effect. Finding the right balance according to performance is something that you will need to master as you learn the art of designing the right landing page. 

Ultimately, crafting a high converting landing page is not rocket science but it requires attention to details and focus. Remember that your website performance, sales and promotions depend on how well your landing pages are designed. It takes time to master this art, therefore don’t rush into finding the perfect solution from the very beginning. Start with one, optimize, and then move on to create the next one. 

Are you currently seeing the results you want from your landing pages? Is there anything else you would think could play a crucial role in maximising your landing page conversions? Share your thoughts below. 

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