Offices are once again open after the coronavirus pandemic. That means that there are valuables within offices once again, that need protecting. Security technology has come a long way, and you should utilize the newest ones.

Security Cameras

These cameras are a great way to help secure your building. It gives you eyes in places you aren’t physically at, which can be live coverage or recorded. Being able to have access to all sections of your office, both interior and exterior, helps to stop people getting in the areas they shouldn’t be at.

It helps to prevent crime before it happens, or catch the people who committed them. If you have on-site security, consider equipping cameras on them, to keep everyone protected and have evidence if any criminals try anything against them.

Window Sensors

Criminals often target the windows of a building as the quickest and easiest way of access. You can help prevent this by installing window sensors. Whilst basic, they will be able to detect breaks and alert your security system, triggering the alarm and alerting local security.

You can get window sensors that are designed to contact the police when activated, which helps ensure culprits are caught quickly. You should advertise your security around the exterior of the building, to put off criminals from damaging your property to being with.

Door Control System

Modern offices have started to install electronic doors, in order to make it easier to access for employees and and security camera systems such as to keep it secure.. Door control systems keep out unwanted guests, using either a gate entry system, or a keyless entry system. You can customize these to give you different levels of control. 

Remote access benefits offices and warehouses as it allows security to open and close doors when requested without having to travel. This helps save time and money. You can also set different rights of access between employees and managers, to allow only certain people in.

You can use these door control systems integrated with other security systems. For example, an alarm can trigger if a door is forced open without authorization. An access door control system is a must for office buildings, both on their own door and building door.

On-Site Security

If you have a large office space, either owned exclusively by you, or shared with other businesses, then it’s a good idea to have on-site security. This can be 24/7, with a team alternating between day shifts and night shifts. They will be on hand to prevent break ins taking place, and offer reassurance to employees that both they and their belongings are safe.

Network Protection

Whilst physical security is important to an office, a lack of network protection can leave you and your employees vulnerable. Computers store lots of important data, relating to business deals, financial information and personal employee data. If this is stolen, it can have the company lose money, either by having the money stolen directly, or by the brand being damage and losing trust with clients

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