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Plenty of commercial opportunities float across the Internet. It is up to you how to make the best use of it for earning revenue. This is the reason why digital marketing has become so relevant today.

There used to be a time when people believed that SEO was for business organizations only but as SEO evolved since then. It has become clear that even individual business owners can benefit from it. This led to the phenomenon of blogging, which today represents a good way to earn a leaving for many. Besides, SEO success revolves around the creation of useful content that has again brought blogging into prominence.

The Evolution Of SEO 

A few years ago, there were some doubts raised about the longevity of SEO. The emergence of new online avenues like social media appeared to overrule SEO. Many had even predicted the demise of SEO. However, as time passed, it became clear that SEO remains as powerful as before and works perfectly in tandem with social media platforms.

Although the SEO that we see today is much different from what it used to be many years ago, not much has actually changed.

Search engines are still the single most significant sources for driving traffic to websites even though various social media platforms, PPC campaigns, e-mail marketing, SMS marketing, video marketing, etc. also generate traffic.

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People still have firm faith in search engines like Google to satisfy their appetite for information, find solutions to problems and researching a product or service before taking any purchasing decision. As a business owner, you can use these opportunities for reaching out to your target audience, earn their trust, and drive them to your website for engaging in business.

You can position yourself as a dependable entity for information, a problem solver, and a mentor who can educate them and in the process motivate them to buy your products. However, you must be capable of using SEO correctly, which is the only way to achieve your marketing goals.

Here is how you should proceed to start a successful SEO campaign.

The All-Around Importance Of Keywords

Keywords are at the heart of SEO, and the choice of keywords can make or break campaigns. Keywords not only help to earn good ranks in search results but also make business happen by driving traffic to websites.

It is by virtue of keywords that you can convince search engines to award high ranks to your site in the search results for increasing visibility. The same keywords would help people to find your site and encourage them to engage with it.

Depending on keywords helps to achieve the dual goal of high ranks and more traffic. To know which keywords to use for launching a successful SEO campaign you have to conduct a keyword research.

Keyword Research – The 1st Step To Start A Successful SEO Campaign

All keyword research begins with Google Keyword Planner which is an excellent tool to learn everything that you want to know about keywords. By using the tool, you can gather information about trending keywords and know about the frequency of its use.

To make the tool work, you have to input some indicative terms to describe the idea you want to express through content. After this, the tool will show results that contain similar words that people are searching for. It gives you enough idea about which kind of keyword is the closest to your idea, and you can start from there.

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Some keywords are highly competitive and mostly dominated by larger companies with plenty of money power. Some others, on the other hand, face low competition yet remain effective.  Targeting the latter type of keywords is a sensible decision to make your SEO campaign get off the ground. Long tail keywords belong to this category that gives a lot of options to make headway with SEO.

Content Is King

Content is at the basis of creating successful marketing initiatives. Good content is an all-powerful tool for SEO, as it allows you to communicate and interact with your audience. Using engaging articles can also help you attract and retain leads.

Content has to be of high quality and relevant to the audience. If you follow this basic advice, the will result in traffic to your website. Quality content earns wide sharing and generates web authority that search engines treat as a positive signal for awarding better ranks in search results.

Content has the power of elevating websites to great heights that finds favor with both the audience and search engines. It’s important for any business owner to understand how to hack content marketing in 2018.

Control SEO With Proper Optimization

How SEO performs is entirely within your control because it depends on how well you optimize it. Adequate optimization results in a smarter and more effective SEO that comprises of the following:

  • Permalink or URL – The description of the website as stated in the URL or permalink acquires a lot on importance as it helps to understand at a glance what the website or web page is about. Keep the URL short but expressive and include keywords. The URL should make enough sense to reveal what lies under it.
  • Page or Post Title – Since the title appears in the search results, it conveys a lot of information for users who can sense if it would be useful to click on it. Titles have to be attractive and should contain keywords but keep its length within 55-60 characters to avoid the humiliation of Google cutting it short.
  • Meta Description – To motivate viewers to read the blog post you have to create a brief description of it which is the Meta description. It has to be self-explanatory, written in a few words (not more than 155 characters) and must entice readers to read the content.


The above optimization measures will help to launch a successful SEO campaign. These are just the initial steps, as there are many more things to do like building backlinks profile that give more strength to SEO.


How do you work on your SEO optimization strategy? How long has it taken you to achieve growth in organic traffic thanks to SEO? Share your thoughts and experience in the comment section below.

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