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Mobile marketing is a multi-channel online marketing technique by which businesses can reach users on their mobile devices. It is different from other marketing strategies as it allows companies to reach customers on-the-go. Mobile marketing also provides customers with a more personalized experience.

There are different ways through which marketers and brands use mobile marketing to grow their business.

Text Messages

Short message service (SMS) is a core aspect of mobile marketing and many businesses have embraced professional texting. Marketers have fully adopted the use of SMS for reaching the customers, particularly when they want to send sensitive information and data.

With more than 75% of the smartphones in use globally being SMS enabled, the use of text messages for marketing purposes has proven effective. Customers are able to opt for product information and notifications and receive action based rewards (such as purchase discounts). An added benefit of text messages is that they have a much higher and faster open rate than emails.

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Mobile Friendly Websites

Almost every business nowadays has a website. Not all websites, however, are mobile friendly. Businesses that do not have an excellent mobile device response and adaptability experience lose out on more than 50% of customers. Brands enhance mobile marketing efforts by ensuring an optimized version of their website for various devices.

Mobile Apps

Another strategy that brands employ for their mobile marketing campaigns is the development and use of mobile applications. Considering that more than 80% of smartphone users access mobile apps on a daily basis, marketing through apps is an effective way of reaching customers.

Studies show that mobile users browse three times more products in apps than on mobile websites. Users feel more at ease using mobile apps than websites, due to the experience. Besides the benefits of mobile apps, they have become less expensive to develop than they used to be, meaning more businesses can now afford to create their own customized app.

Mobile Payments

Many brands integrated mobile payment platforms into their marketing platforms to encourage ease of transactions. Businesses use payment processors that offer great service, security, cost efficiency, and ease of use. Customers, therefore, find it easier to make payments using modern payment options.

Active Social Presence

Brands are using social networks to gain new customers and attract visitors to their products and services. They do this by initiating conversations, sharing posts, asking questions, and posting comments. These foster interactions with an audience on relevant topics, making sure the brand is seen and known by the social media users.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest are common examples of platforms that brands use to promote their marketing and grow business.

Offering Deals

Businesses take advantage of mobile technology by sending out digital deals to customers directly through smartphones. For example, brands send SMS coupons that are 10 times more redeemed than the printed ones and are far less likely to be lost or misplaced.

Customer Service On Mobile Devices

Companies also offer customer service through mobile devices. Brands can take customers’ payments, track their orders, share shipping information, and provide prompt responses to their inquiries.

These services are easy and convenient for the customers and the business owners. Besides, the quick response time that mobile customer services offer makes customers very pleased with the brands that employ it in their marketing solutions.

Here below an infographic to show the advantages of implementing mobile marketing for startup growth.

Mobile Marketing Startup Growth - MyStartupLand

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  1. In some countries (India for example) users have jumped from offline to mobile, leaving desktop behind. The world is going to catch up. Mobile is going to dominate the way brands communicate and interact with customers.

  2. Companies that don’t consider using mobile for user engagement are doomed to fail. users are going to shift completely to mobile devices in the near future.

  3. Using mobile to interact with users is one of the best ways to have continuous communication with them and solve on the spot any issue. great infographic!

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