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More than half of the companies operating worldwide generate more than 10% in sales from contacting their prospect regularly via email. Although email marketing has still some stigma associated with it, it is by far the most effective marketing channel that businesses can use to turn prospects into loyal customers. 

On a daily basis, we are exposed to about 4000 promotional messages. This represents a combination of all mediums on which ads are placed. In this digital age, the number of ads we might see, depending on the job you do, might even be higher. On the other hand, when looking at email, we consciously choose to interact with 11 brands on average. The difference? It’s a choice! 

Email Marketing Performance: Turning Prospects Into Loyal Customers

Like anything else, however, when you have a successful medium, some might take advantage of the users. We find ourselves, most of the time, subscribed to company emails that we don’t even remember about. The result is an inbox full of promotional messages that have forced us to become promotion-blind to most of these with a staggering 66% unsubscription rate. 

When done correctly, however, email marketing helps you turning prospects into loyal customers. You are reaching out to users who willingly decided to engage with your brand. Now, it’s up to you to keep that message relevant and engaging. Be careful though, 34% of consumers, by default, associated promotional emails with spam. 

What’s The Impact On Your Bottom Line? 

By now, it should be clear that when done in the right way, email marketing can be a great channel to engage users and trigger purchase. Businesses that are able to define and segment their audience correctly are able to re-engage their best buyers over time and increase margins up to 15%. 

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Sending emails, however, is not as easy as it looks like. To be successful, businesses must use different types of email and stimulate different feelings when talking to users. It is crucial to segment your audience and create a list of the most engaged user base.

The better you know your users, the more relevant content or promotional offer you will be able to send them. 

Be Relevant, Always, Everywhere

The last important point when thinking about email marketing is to be relevant always and everywhere. Your users are most likely reading your email on the go. As a matter of fact, almost one in two person convert when on a mobile device. 

Is your email marketing campaign designed to be read on a smartphone? 

74% of users check their emails on mobile devices. Designing an email that doesn’t work on a smartphone, however, will mean that you will lose about 70% of your subscribers attention immediately.

The infographic below has been crafted by EveryCloud, a company that specializes in security awareness training and online security. Their operation rotates around monitoring emails activities, among others. The data collected is the result of extensive research and any advice is the result of statistical evidence. 

Email Marketing: Turning Prospects Into Loyal Customers
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