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It’s difficult to keep up with the trends in today’s ever-changing digital world. If you want the best for your company, however, falling behind can come at a cost. Customers have higher than ever expectations when it comes to user experience. A good-looking and highly-functioning website is a must. Investing in a quality website design is a wise business decision for any company.

Nonetheless, how and what you can do to increase your online traffic and boost your credibility is often a question of debate.

Why Is Web Design A Crucial Business Choice?

DesignAdvisor has put together an insightful infographic on why investing in website design is the right business choice. It aims to put an end to some of these dilemmas by summarizing the fourteen most important web design trends of 2019.

The trends illustrated showcase studies with the aim of helping website owners get one step closer to create an online presence the audience is happy with. Having a website is not enough anymore. A corporate webpage is part of the brand identity of a company and it should not be ignored.

The collected data range from tips on how to improve your company’s contact information section to advise on how to increase the speed of your website.

The infographic lists real-life examples of companies which have implemented these trends, and the results that followed. For example, one company noticed an increase in mobile traffic by 40%, organic search by 19%, and social referrals by an incredible 1,624% just by improving the website user experience. Another one increased users time spent on-page by 56.19% by optimizing the website for mobile.

Each one of the trends highlighted are a must for companies that get most of their clients online. Implementing one or more of these tips will increase your chances to succeed.

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