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With so many different channels available to mobile app marketers, it can be difficult to focus in on mastering a single strategy. Social media app install campaigns, in-app banner ads, and interstitial ads, playable ads, and cross-promotions are all viable and effective mobile marketing strategies that apply to most apps.

What strategies are mobile marketers using to find success in app install advertising?

What are App Install Ads?

Before we dive in, let’s get a quick idea of how app install ads are different from other strategies. These are typically paid acquisition strategies that funnel the advertisement’s audience directly to your app store listing for near-frictionless installation. Users can find these ads within search results, social media feeds, websites, apps, and more.

App install ads should be a top priority for any mobile marketer and are key to a successful user acquisition strategy. Done right, presenting an answer to a search query with an install ad that offers an actionable solution or intriguing someone with your concept in their social media feed with install ads will drive your downloads.

Now let’s take a look at how marketers display ads for mobile app installs.

Where App Install Ads Appear

Install Ads in Search

These are among the most effective. App install ads that answer search queries through value propositions benefit from targeting relevant keyword-driven traffic in your ad strategy. What’s best than showing your value when users need it the most?

Social Media App Install Ads

App-ception. It makes sense that while you’re using an app you’d be seeing ads for more apps, especially social ones. There are so many different strategies for each social platform, that they require specific attention. Each social media channel has specific characteristics that can help marketers stand out. Most of us, when thinking “social” think Facebook, however, the “social” world doesn’t end there.

Banner Ads

Although their effectiveness has been declining, banner install ads can still be a relevant strategy. For example, in the case of hyper-casual games, an app developer can allow sacrificing some space at the top of the screen for an ad. Nowadays, most marketers prefer more engaging types of ad formats, forgetting though, that banner ads perform much better in terms of clicks.

App Store Ads

Put ads for ads where people are looking for them, in the app store. App discovery is high in the app store, and so are conversion rates for the ads placed there. Marketers need to remember that 70% of users are discovering new apps through the search function and Apple has reportedly shown that their App Search Ads have a 50% conversion rate!

Interstitial Ads

Interstitial are full-page ads shown in between two pages or can be viewed within an app, such as in between two levels of a game. These ad formats are also used to show video app install campaigns to engage with users even better.

Regardless of where or how you implement your app’s install ads, ensuring that they are engaging and high quality is a mobile marketing strategy that has proven to drive downloads.  

CleverTap has designed a very informative infographic to show what are the best performing app installs ads available for mobile marketers today.

App Installs Ads
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