Italian Investor Visa

Living in a foreign country is an alluring prospect, and a country like Italy makes a great option. It is an ideal destination for families and even better for people who want to start entrepreneurial ventures. The investor visa route gives you an easy pathway for immigration because it is easy to qualify. The process is relatively short and simple and you can take your family along. The best part is that you also get to explore the opportunity of Italian citizenship by investment with an investor visa. Experts at Bersani Law Firm can show you the way to get the visa, but you must understand the basics to start with.

Where to invest?

If you have surplus money to invest, you can easily secure residency status in Italy. The Golden Visa program lets you place your money in the country, arrive here with an investor visa, secure a residency, and get citizenship after a specific period. But you have to choose the right investment options. These include innovative startups and Italian businesses incorporated and operating in the country. These are ideal if you have business plans in mind. Alternatively, you can put your funds in a philanthropic organization or government bonds. Seek advice from a citizenship expert to decide the best option.

How much to invest?

Just putting your money in the rightplace is not enough to open the doors of the country for you. It is equally crucial to understand the amounts you need to invest in these options. A visa expert can show you the way, though these are the guidelines to follow:

  • €250,000 in an innovative startup
  • €500,000 in a local company
  • €1 million in a public interest project
  • €2 million in Italian government bonds

How long to hold the investment? 

As a business owner planning to set up in Italy, you will also want to know about the validity of your visa. Once you obtain it, you get a residence status for two years to start with. You can live and work here during this period and even get an extension before the valid time is over. A subsequent renewal lets you stay for another three years, provided you continue to hold your investment in the country. You get long-term residency status after five years in Italy. Renew your visa until you reach the 10-year mark. At this stage, you are eligible to apply for Italian citizenship by naturalization. Becoming an Italian citizen gives you a host of benefits, and you can even pass on the right to your children and grandchildren.

Investing in Italy opens up residency prospects in the country, and you can apply for citizenship eventually. But visa norms can get complicated when it comes to subsequent renewals. It is best to have a local citizenship expert guiding you through the process. There is hardly a chance of going wrong at any stage, and you will end up getting your citizenship without hassles. Meanwhile, you can establish your business in the country and lead it on the growth route. 

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