Digital advertising through social media and Internet use was the leading marketing trend in 2017. Last year, digital advertising sales reached $209 billion worldwide (41% of the market) and surpassed $178 billion in television advertising (35% of the market). The impact of these changes created many opportunities, and challenges, for brands and businesses. Many discovered that internet marketing makes it possible to break ahead of their competitors.

Here are some digital advertising trends that will impact businesses globally in 2018.

Google And Facebook Combination

In 2017, Google and Facebook dominated the digital advertising industry and accounted for more than 60% of global online ad revenues. They comprised an estimated 25% of global ad spend. According to Statista, Google’s revenue last year amounted to $109.65 billion; Facebook’s total revenues, instead, were $40.7 billion.

These two companies already draw more than half of the online ad revenue worldwide.

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What’s The Opportunity For Startups? 

Enhancing your business through cross-channel marketing to get more customers and revenue is the best bet. Consider using search engine optimization (SEO) alongside your social media campaigns. These advertising methods result in greater profit per conversion. Some reasons are:

  • SEO is a process that affects your online visibility. By creating better search engine results on Google, Yahoo and Bing you “pull” customers through their inquiries and searches.
  • Social media also has a unique ability to “push” your message to desired, targeted audiences.

Online marketing (using both of these approaches) allows many companies to dominate the digital world. If you’re a local business or startup planning to improve your website, you can hire a local SEO firm that provides both search engine optimization and social media marketing services to make your life easier.

Website Design And Optimization

Website optimization and design are both important factors in the overall online marketing performance of your business. According to the Stanford Persuasive Technology Lab, 75% of people judge the credibility of a business based on its website design.

That credibility affects whether people purchase products or services. A company’s reputation is often influenced by the quality of its website. However, having a visually appealing website is not enough to sell. A website needs to be optimized through SEO and digital marketing techniques.

Website optimization has a direct impact on conversion rates. A local SEO company can create an effective marketing campaign to assist your website’s needs. For example, if you are a local business in Ajax needing website advertising, you can access a wide range of solutions with the assistance of digital advertising experts. Your website serves as an online “business card” and is a huge part of your marketing efforts.

It’s important to deliver an eye-popping design and user-friendly experience to continue a conversation with prospective clients and customers.

Video Marketing

Digital Advertising Trend - MyStartupLand

Videos are more powerful than written words. Digital marketing expert Dr. James McQuivey says that “a minute of video is worth 1.8 million words“.

Visual content is a huge part of digital advertising. Cisco’s “Visual Networking Index” reports that by 2019 videos will represent over 80% of internet traffic. Since many online users are quickly jumping from one site to the next, seeking instant gratification, video advertising answers their questions and satisfies their needs quicker than something to read.

Here’s more information about the popularity of video marketing:

  • Video ads now account for 35% of all spend going on display advertising.
  • 87% of online marketers use video content as a marketing strategy.
  • Native Facebook videos have 135% greater organic reach than photo posts.
  • Placing videos in emails leads to an increase of click-through rates (up to 200-300%).
  • YouTube reported that mobile video consumption rises 100% every year.

As the advertising industry grows, businesses who execute smart web strategies stand to benefit. Use Facebook and YouTube video ads and you might gain 80% more attention from people using the Internet.

Mobile Advertising 

Consumers turn to mobile devices for a wide variety of online activities, such as online shopping, browsing for products, and finding local businesses and services. ComScore’s “2017 U.S. Cross-Platform Future in Focus” report stated that nearly 70% of digital media time is spent on mobile. Early in 2018, Google announced its “mobile-first” algorithm, indexing mobile content and using it to influence a website’s ranking in search engine results. Mobile-friendly websites are the path to more profits and online success.

Make your website’s content dynamic and equivalent for both mobile and desktop for strong online business leverage. Remember to verify the mobile version of your website in the Google Search Console.

Purchased ads can seem ubiquitous and monotonous. Local companies need an advertising approach that stands apart from the competition. Planning ahead and with a creative approach will give you an advantage in the market. Try to understand whether you can do this in-house or with the help of an external agency. 


What is your approach when it comes to digital advertising? Do you agree with our digital advertising trends for 2018? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

Goyle graduated with a degree in Commerce and has been doing SEO since 2009. At Local SEO Search, Goyle works with the SEO team in developing best practices and strategy for clients, build links through a variety of marketing efforts and social media management. Outside of work, Goyle enjoys traveling to new places and spending time with her koi fish and furry friends.

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