Figuring out branding can be an exciting time for your company, but some might find the process of creating or rebranding a company to be pretty intimidating. Branding is an incredibly important element of a company’s success, however, so it’s important that you not only understand the concept of branding but also execute it well. 

Your branding will represent your business and either draw people in or push them away. That’s why business owners should have a good idea of the basic branding dos and don’ts.

There are a few things that every business should be aware of before delving into the world of branding. With so much to consider and so much on the line, many businesses choose to enlist the help of companies like InnoVision

A digital marketing company can help your business develop and administer your branding strategy. By using consistent techniques across all of your platforms and staying true to your brand’s vision and ideals, you can avoid some of the most common branding mistakes.

Here are a few branding dos and don’ts that everyone should be aware of:

Do Consider Your Competition

You always want your brand to stand out from your competitors’, and that means you can’t ignore their branding. If your competitors are succeeding, they may be on to something that you’re not aware of. There is a lot about branding that you can learn from researching your competitors and figuring out what works for them.

Ask some questions: Who is your competition’s target audience, and what target demographic do they appeal to the most? What are their values? Their strengths? Their weaknesses?

These questions are just a place to start. Use the information you gather and incorporate it into your unique branding ideas to obtain optimal results.

Don’t Follow Trends Blindly

Once you enter into the world of branding, you’ll quickly notice how many trends pop up and fade away. With every change in society, there comes a new trend that people will jump on. Some trends make sense to certain brands, while others have the potential to ruin your branding entirely. For this reason, it’s important not to follow trends blindly.

When considering a new trend to try for your brand, you want to consider whether your brand’s identity and values truly align with the trend. You’ll also want to consider if the trend can come off as disingenuous. You could lose customers permanently for jumping on a trend without thinking it through, so make sure that the benefits outweigh the risk of attempting to jump on the current trend. As they say, trends come and go, but if you want your brand to be a lasting one, you’ll want to give each trend a lot of thought before following it.

Do Keep Things Simple

It can be tempting to overcomplicate your branding in an effort to make it stand out in a sea of similar brands, but sometimes it’s best to keep things simple. Simplicity can be the key to ensuring that you’re not focusing on the wrong things while building your brand. Examples of this could be making your logo design less complicated or sticking to a simple set of colors on each page instead of trying to wow your customers with a new and exciting design with each click.

Now, this doesn’t mean your branding choices have to be dull or basic. It just means that scaling back to a style of branding that focuses on the message more than the image is probably your best bet.

Don’t Wait Too Long to Rebrand

There comes a time in each brand’s life when there comes a need to update its look and overall approach to branding. Some people may think that a rebrand can be too much of a change from what the company and its customers are used to, but that can often be a good thing. As long as your rebrand is done correctly, rebranding can help keep employees and customers engaged with your business.

People want to know that your company isn’t falling behind in this ever-changing world. Outdated websites and branding can come off as old-fashioned and afraid of change, but when the change is a positive one, it can create the opposite effect. Staying current and modern can show that your company is evolving, and maintain the attention of your audience.

Do Keep Consistency Between Your Platforms

Brand consistency is of great importance when it comes to good branding. When you have multiple platforms where your business is represented, they’ll need to all be demonstrating the same thing.  

There are a lot of ways you can accomplish this. One way to ensure consistency between platforms is to stick to a color scheme and font that’s the same on each platform. Your consumers will begin to associate those colors with your brand, which can help them to become more familiar with your company. Sticking with a similar design style can accomplish this same thing. Keep this style consistent throughout everything having to do with your business from business cards to websites to your social media presence, and you’ll be surprised at how quickly people become familiar with it.

There should also be cohesion between your online and offline platforms if you have both. For instance, if your online presence is modern and bright, it wouldn’t make sense to have a dull and outdated physical office. Both spaces should be on the same page visually, and consistent with the image you’re trying to give off. A consistent design scheme in the two spaces will strengthen your brand identity.

Do Be Reliable

Reliability is one of the most important aspects of maintaining good branding because you want to ensure that you show up the way you promised your customers you would. That may be through posting at the same time each day, maintaining the same font and colors on all of your advertising and website pages, or maintaining a catchphrase that people have come to associate with your brand. When planning how to execute your branding, try to figure out which things you’re sure that you can do consistently. Stick to a few and then expand them as you grow your brand.

So, are you ready to take on all that you need to and ensure that your branding is the best that it can be? The process can be intimidating. There is a lot of work that goes into maintaining a brand and staying consistent, which is why people choose to work with companies like Innovision.

Innovision can identify your target market and audience so that your branding is reaching the right people. Professional help can create and produce the advertising you need to create a brand that is both long-lasting, and that people remember. Reach out and let us help you with your branding or rebranding project today.

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