Launching a startup is just one small step towards success. However, having a great product alone won’t help bring in clients. Marketing a bad product, on the other hand, is not going to turn into a success. Marketing can play a major role in a startup growth. But what marketing channel is the most effective for startups?

Unless you have raised enough money to allocate a decent budget on marketing, you are most likely faced with the tough choice of choosing one channel over another, without really knowing what could work best. Making sure that every effort taken is measured and planned is key to success (or at least not to waste any money).

Understanding what’s behind SEO, Email Marketing, Video Marketing, Social or Content Marketing, among others can result in an impossible task for a small team to tackle. And why are we forgetting about Offline Marketing? Should you ignore it completely?

Startup marketing is a whole science that doesn’t have a clear and unified methodology. Starting by understanding what is what and then going back to your original plan and implementing the right marketing plan is, to say the least, difficult.

ColourGraphics has helped us understanding what is the best marketing channel for your startup according to each channel capability:

What type of marketing is most effective for startup - MyStartupLand


Colour Graphics is an online print and design agency who have worked with thousands of customers to create bespoke offline marketing tools. To reap the rewards for a business, experience shows professional design and print is key.

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