The introduction of smartphones made the use of mobile marketing a “must” for companies and startups. This is, with no doubts, the modern way of advertising.

It’s no longer enough to have an active presence on social media and build an attractive website. More and more people started using mobile devices in the past few years and it’s slowly becoming the primary channel for online advertising.

Mobile Marketing: The New Boss In Town

Mobile marketing began in 2000 when the first mobile ad was sent via SMS. Two years later, SMS became the newest mass media channel. In 2005, Nike and Pontiac were one of the first companies who launched their SMS campaigns.

One of the biggest revelations came in 2010 when QR (Quick Response) codes started being used in mobile marketing, the same year when Apple released its mobile advertising platform called iAd. The following year saw mobile marketing became a $14 billion industry.

Another important change in the mobile marketing landscape came in 2012. Facebook launches mobile ads on its mobile application to increase monetization. The biggest social network platform globally, with 1.45 billion users on a daily basis, dove into mobile marketing.

Mobile marketing only continued to grow and in 2013 mobile revenues soared to $3 billion in the first half of 2013, representing triple-digit growth at 145%, from $1.2 billion in the same period the year before. In the same year, the mobile advertising industry was worth $19.3 billion, and in the next year, the industry experienced a worldwide growth of 65%.

The fact that mobile devices overtook desktop in internet usage worldwide in 2016 is the biggest reason why mobile marketing is one of the preferred means of advertising for companies and startups.

In order to find out more amazing facts about mobile marketing, scroll down and take a look at the infographic.

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