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Understanding how your website performs and users interact with it, is vital for any company success relying on a digital presence. Digital marketers, as well as startup founders in the early days, ask themselves questions that are crucial to their website success.

  1. Where do we find additional traffic sources?
  2. How can we minimise bounce-rate?
  3. What happens after a customer purchases something on our website?

Overnight Jackpot or Long-Term Strategy?

Most of us might think that the answer is to simply spend more on marketing in the hope to hit the jackpot overnight. Although that might be a strategy, it is not available to everyone.

Creating a sustainable inflow of users who actually spend time on our website is a long-term commitment. Understanding how to revitalise dead traffic through online marketing methods is a must for every professional dealing with an online presence.

There are several key points that every startup founders and marketers need to take into consideration if they want to achieve success.

Understand Your Audience Lifecycle

Every business should have a clear understanding of how their users’ lifecycle looks like. To what are they sensitive? How can you take advantage of this information to create more interest and deliver better results? What do you need to do to make sure they just don’t get lost on your web pages?

Ensuring that the user journey is as clear as possible as well as asking constantly for feedback can be key to enhance your audience understanding and gain more from them.

Track Your Results

Nowadays, tracking performances of any activity is a must for every professional involved in digital marketing. You cannot simply make a decision based on your feelings. Every decision should be data-driven and that is the only way to advance in the right direction rather than spraying and praying.

Automation Anyone? 

Have you ever thought that you can automate most of the activities you are manually doing on daily basis? Implementing automation tools can improve first of all internal morale as boring tasks are automated, but also this will yield better results as you will be able to continuously improve on these tasks (as you will have more free time) as well as, once again, tracking their performance.


The below infographics shows in details the great journey of ColourGraphics and how they managed to put together an online strategy which delivered an astonishing additional £119k to their business. It takes time and effort, but it’s possible. Their story should be an inspiration to every other startup out there struggling to create a winning online presence.


How To Revitalise Dead Traffic - MyStartupLand

Colour Graphics is an online print and design agency who have worked with thousands of customers to create bespoke offline marketing tools. To reap the rewards for a business, experience shows professional design and print is key.

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