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When it comes to sending a parcel, the overall cost to package and post items can add up. For instance, in the past year, companies across the US have seen a significant increase in the cost of sending packages.

If you are selling items online, there are ways in which you can save money on your parcel delivery. Alternatively, you may be looking to send a parcel to a family member and want to save money on postage and shipping. Here are just a few tips on how to find affordable ways to send parcels to customers or relatives.

Finding The Right Courier

When sending parcels to relatives, consider the urgency of the parcel. If it is not urgent, then you do not need to pay for express delivery charges and can choose a cheaper option. Although the estimated delivery time is slightly longer, you can save a reasonable amount with this simple switch.

For business, eCommerce shipping should be manageable, affordable and fast – which it can be when you have the right partner. A deal-breaker for many consumers is shipping costs. Working with a reliable eCommerce delivery partner, like LSO, can help to minimise the risk of consumers abandoning their online shopping cart.

Use Suitable Packaging

Take into consideration the item you wish to send and what packing you require. For non-fragile, smaller items like articles of clothing, using an envelope or polybag can be far more cost-effective than boxes. 

If using boxes, ensure that there is at least 5cm of padding between the item and the box. Properly wrapping and packing items, in a double wall corrugated box, will help to reduce the risk of items being damaged in transit. In addition to this, ensure that the box allows just enough space for all items to fit in comfortably, surrounded by the packing materials to keep it safe. Smaller parcels and items are easily transportable, so packing a parcel appropriately for the size of the item being posted is a guaranteed way to cut costs.

Avoid reusing boxes as they may already be slightly damaged and might not protect your items properly. However, reusing packing materials from previous parcels to wrap the items you wish to send, not only protects them but can also save you money spent purchasing materials, like bubble-wrap and packing peanuts. Aside from reducing costs, it is also a great way to save the environment.

Keeping It Light

Sending lighter packages prove to be easier for courier companies to handle and process, and this is reflected in the parcel’s delivery costs. To help keep smaller items safe, using packing materials will help to ensure that your item is safe during transit, but light in weight to allow cheaper shipping costs.

Be Prepared

If you are having your packages picked up, ensure that the parcel is ready for collection. This means it needs to be properly packed, addressed and with the correct documentation attached. If this is not correct when the courier arrives, it may lead to additional fees. 

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