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Sales, marketing, pitching, creating power points – This is the skill you need to elevate

I had the exciting opportunity to build up global companies several times and if I could go back in time, I wish I could tell myself to learn the skill of creating amazing Value Propositions sooner.

The ability to create strong and powerful value propositions is important at all stages in your entrepreneurial process. Value propositions are used in the sales process, creating sales material, writing blogs, creating products, holding presentations, etc.


Give me 5 minutes to twist your mind – We hire products to do things for us.

University of Phoenix has created this amazing video where professor Clayton Christensen explains that we hire products to do things for us. Take 5 minutes of your life and watch it now. I promise it will be worth it.

In the video you will learn how one of the biggest companies did it all wrong


OK, great! I have your attention ;-). Your mind is challenged and your brain is trying to take in everything. Now let’s discuss Value Propositions.

Working with entrepreneurs, marketers and sales people globally I have seen the same mistake repeated over and over again. The mistake is the lack of customer focus. Let me give you an example that you have most likely done or experienced. Let’s imagine you are about to do a sales presentation. What slide do you start with? And how do you continue? This is the most common outline.

• Everybody around the table present themselves
• Sales person does some type of introduction
• Sales person shows first power point slide about his company: history, what they do etc.
• Sales Person shows more slides about the company and the product

So why is this wrong? Because it is an egocentric approach. All it says is me, me, me and me. I am sorry to say this but customers don’t care about you. They care about themselves. And you must think about this all the time. What customers want is to hire a product to do things for them and your job is to create an amazing value proposition that tells that story.

What is value proposition? It is a clear statement about the outcomes that an individual or an organization can realize from using your product, service or solution.

Key here is OUTCOME.


4 tools to help you create an amazing Value Proposition.

I have worked for companies with extremely complex solutions and customer outcomes where it has been really challenging to create great value propositions. But if you work hard enough you will find it. I have created this SlideShare to help you create your own Value Proposition no matter how complex environment you are operating in. It has helped over 20 000 people and I hope that you will be 20 001.

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