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Launching your own business is extremely challenging, regardless of the industry you operate in. Capital is generally low and the time available to achieve success is limited. Despite those challenges, building a strong online presence is crucial as any other task you need to accomplish. 

The online world is constantly evolving. Technology and social media play a crucial role in online visibility. Launching a company that no one can find online is pointless. Working on social media activities can help startup founders reach their target audience and increase discoverability. The best part of social media marketing is that it doesn’t require a big investment to see results. However, due to the high usage among startups, it is important for entrepreneurs to have a sound knowledge of how to increase brand visibility.

We have collected 7 social media principals for startups to help you out. Before starting to acquire followers and increase engagement, work on the basics to ensure success.

Know Where You Are Going

A common mistake made by a number of brands is to have unclear objectives. Setting S.M.A.R.T. objectives is one of the basic activities to ensure your digital marketing strategy makes sense.

What are you expecting from your digital strategy? Can you quantify the type of results you are looking for? You need to have a clear idea of what you want to achieve with a social media campaign.

If you focus on content generation without a proper planning, you will hardly see any result. Creating content with no objective will not turn into revenue. Working in this way will actually result in a waste of time and resources.

Focus On Valuable Content

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You can often read online to post frequently to have higher engagement. However, posting general articles which don’t add much to what is already online won’t benefit your brand in any way. Take a look from your audience perspective. What value will they have if they come to your website and non-targeted content? After a couple of times, most likely they will not come back.

Startup founders often forget to curate content on their platform. Focusing on high-quality articles, with interesting pictures, will increase your followers’ interest in your brand.

Good Results Are Not Free

Marketing on social media can be free. However, the reality is that if you are launching a new company, no one knows about it. Having “uncontrolled” strategies on social media could have worked a few years back when these channels were not heavily used for content promotion.

Today, paid social media marketing is part of the process. You cannot avoid it. However, posting “sponsored content” on social media will not solve all your problems. You will need to create a funnel strategy to attract the right target audience and make sure they convert into paying users.

Social media marketing does require money, however, compared to traditional channels is cheaper. On top of that, it is relatively easier to calculate performance and ROI to optimize results.

Posting Time Is Crucial

Different social media platforms have different characteristics. For example, Twitter is known to work best during night time. It is also important that you interact with your audience relatively quickly (usually within 30 minutes) to increase engagement. To build proper visibility on this channel, timing becomes crucial.

On the other hand, Pinterest is known to deliver the best results in the daytime.

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Having a complete knowledge of how each social media channel works is crucial to focus your efforts in the right way.

Work On Your Social Media Profiles

Working on social media profiles usually ranks very low in the priority list of every startup founders. However, having complete social profiles will help you increase brand visibility and engagement. Social media profiles will be the very first glimpse your target audience will get of your brand. Are you willing to ignore this factor?

Including detailed information in your social profiles will also help social media users to understand whether your brand and product/service are a good fit for them. On top of that, having the right keywords could also benefit your search engine visibility.

It’s All About Conversion

Social media marketing is not only about visibility. These activities are best also to generate leads and boost sales. Having strong and effective CTAs in almost all social media posts will help you engage your target customers in the best way.

As a startup founder, you need to think about creative and innovative ways to increase conversions on your website. Providing gifts and coupons to visitors can stimulate interactions, however, it should not be overused. Creating an engaging newsletter can help you bring back users that might have forgotten your brand.

A Company Blog Is Crucial

Although your startup is not about blogging, you need to work on a website blog to increase your targeted audience engagement. The blog should be used for publishing high-quality content on a regular basis, perhaps about your product or service, perhaps about industry news. Once you hit publish, make sure to use social media channels to encourage visitors to share your articles.

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Combining a company blog with social media platforms will help you increase visibility for your brands on search engines. Focusing on keywords research will help you understand how to effectively attract potential customers to your website. Good quality blog posts attract users and can generate an increase in traffic.

Promoting a brand on social media is not an easy task. It takes time, patience and a good plan. These 7 ideal social media principles for startups are thought to give every entrepreneur a starting point.

How are you using social media channels to create engagement with your target users? Do you see any specific platform performing best? Share your experience in the comment section below.

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